Best waterproof photography kit: 6 key accessories for any outdoor photographer

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    Any keen outdoor photographer will tell you that keeping your camera safe and dry is one of the biggest challenges you will face. We’ve tested 6 of the most essential accessories you’ll want in your go-to waterproof photography kit.

    Best waterproof photography kit: 6 key accessories for any outdoor photographer

    When it comes to photographing outdoors the weather is a major factor, and even if you carefully watch the forecast and plan your shoots accordingly, there’s always a chance that you’ll get caught in a downpour.

    Keeping yourself – and more importantly your kit – dry in wet and miserable conditions is essential; getting soaked is no fun, and getting the bill for water damage to an expensive camera or lens will only add to your misery.

    So while it’s perfectly possible to get good shots whatever the weather, it’s important to be prepared for the worst.

    While it’s all very well – and safety-conscious – to wear brightly coloured waterproofs on a shoot, this isn’t such a good idea if you’re photographing wildlife.

    If you’re trying to capture birds, deer or other easily-spooked creatures in their natural habitat you need to be able to blend in with the terrain – otherwise they’re likely to spot you and run a mile.

    So for wildlife photography you need kit that’s both waterproof and camouflaged. If you’re a landscape photographer concealment is less of an issue, and water resistance and ease of use become the key considerations.

    Whatever you’re shooting, there’s a wide range of protective gear available to suit every budget and all requirements, from covers for your camera and kit bag to waterproof suits and pop-up tents and hides.

    Best waterproof photography kit: D12 Camouflage Rucksack Cover

    Best waterproof photography kit: D12 Camouflage Rucksack Cover

    Price: £29
    Wildlife Watching Supplies offers both single-colour and reversible rucksack covers, in two sizes – up to 40 litres and 40-70 litres.

    They’re waterproof, lightweight and have an elastic fit, making them quick and easy to put on and take off.

    They’re available in a variety of patterns, from camouflage to white for snowy conditions, and a day-glow yellow. We tried out the 40-70-litre camouflage cover.

    Our first impressions were how compact this cover was for stowing away. It comes with a small bag to pack it in, and when folded it’s the perfect size to fit in the side pocket of my rucksack.

    Best waterproof photography kit: D12 Camouflage Rucksack Cover

    And it’s extremely versatile; as well as protecting our bag from rain, it will protect it from mud and dirt when we put it down on the ground.

    It’ll also come in handy if you need something to kneel on when taking photos!

    It’s a simple but a clever design – it slides over the rucksack and the elastic holds it in place. What’s more, it didn’t get in the way of any of our straps either.


    Pros: Versatile – not only does it protect your bag from rain, you can use it as a kneeling mat
    Cons: Would be more useful to have the reversible option, as you can change the pattern to suit different terrain

    Score: 88%

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