Camera rumors 2019: what new cameras are coming out this year?

Camera rumors

Camera rumors are still coming thick and fast. Camera news over the last year has been dominated by full-frame mirrorless cameras, such as the upcoming Panasonic S1H, the high resolution Sony A7R IV, and the innovative modular-design Sigma fp, the smallest full-frame mirrorless camera ever. 

And while everyone is seemingly going full-frame, there are plenty of camera rumors about cameras in other format too. Fujifilm and Hasselblad are still gung ho on medium format, for instance, with the monster 100MP Fujifilm GFX 100 and Hasselblad X1D II 50C.   

So what else are we likely to see arrive in 2019? Which lines will manufacturers update? Here we’ve collated the camera rumors that are most likely to come true and offered our own predictions as to what we may be seeing before long.

Canon camera rumors 2019

Canon stunned everyone with its announcement of its EOS R full-frame mirrorless camera, and zigged when everyone expected it to zag with its recent reveal of the EOS RP – an entry level camera, rather than the professional model everyone expected. 

It is clear that Canon is going all out to develop the Canon RF lens roadmap, though,  with the announcement of no fewer than six new RF-mount lenses coming in 2019 – five of which are professional-grade L series optics. 

Canon has also just entered the instant camera arena for the first time with its Ivy Cliq+ / Zoemini S and Ivy Cliq / Zoemini C models which are due to go on sale this spring. 

It has also brought us a new budget, miniature DSLR in the shape of the EOS 250D / EOS Rebel SL3 – which becomes the cheapest and smallest DSLR with 4K.

So the question is, what will come next?

Canon EOS Rx

Camera rumors: Canon EOS Rx

"We are developing multiple EOS R cameras now," stated Canon's Yoshiyuki Mizoguchi earlier this year. "Have no doubt that a professional model is coming… We promise we are working on this but it might take some time to introduce." 

We can't wait to see this professional version of the R, which could well be called the EOS Rx, aimed at pro sports and action photographers looking for a mirrorless alternative to the EOS-1D X Mark II. We'd expect a modest pixel count of 20 or 24 megapixels, with a dual Digic 8 processor that could deliver a boast mode of around 20fps.
Our predictions for the Canon EOS Rx

Canon EOS Rs

But what about a high-resolution model to compete with the Nikon Z7 and Sony A7R III? Canon already has a 50.6-megapixel sensor waiting in the wings (waiting in the EOS 5DS, actually), so could this be adapted for use in a 50-megapixel EOS Rs? We have also seen some rumors that suggested that a 100MP EOS R is being worked on.

The latest rumblings, however, are that we will see a new 70MP EOS R with IBIS, dual card slots and a joystick revealed by the end of 2019. By all accounts this is the much-ballyhooed pro version of Canon's R system, which would sit nicely alongside the entry level EOS RP and the mid-range EOS R.

Canon EOS R – the beginning of a new full-frame mirrorless dynasty

Canon EOS R – the beginning of a new full-frame mirrorless dynasty

Canon EOS Ra

Camera rumors: Canon EOS Ra

Before we see a professional or hi-res version of the camera, however, we could well be seeing an utterly niche release: an EOS R dedicated to astrophotography, likely called the Canon EOS Ra.

We've been hearing reports that Canon is readying an R-system update of its previous astro camera, the Canon EOS 60Da (itself a successor to the stargazing EOS 20Da). This would not only be the company's first full-frame astrophotography camera, but its first mirrorless one too. 

It seems like a completely leftfield product, but the fact that the company has already released two dedicated astro cameras suggests that there's market appetite – and the 60Da is more than due an update.

It also has curiously coincidental timing, as these reports surfaced just days after news that Canon patented a Moon Shooting Mode to enable better astro shooting…

Canon EOS M series

With so much hype, investment and R&D dollars being spent on the new full-frame mirrorless system, where does that leave Canon's APS-C mirrorless line? Does the EOS R spell the end for the EOS M? The answer, according to the company, is a decisive 'no'.

"The M series is here to stay," Canon's David Parry assured us. "The M series is an important part of our system, the reason being there’s no one camera that’s suitable for everyone, and it’s great to have different cameras at different sizes for different types of usage."

Indeed, the Canon EOS M50 continues to be a massive seller for the company – especially in Japan, where it has virtually taken up residence in the Top 10 camera sales charts. 

The latest rumblings are that we will see the Canon EOS M5 II and Canon EOS M6 II revealed in August, both featuring the same electronic viewfinder seen in the EOS RP and M50, along with uncropped 4K video(!!!) and high frame-rates for capturing slow-motion recordings.

Both the Canon EOS M5 and M6 are reportedly due for successors in August

Both the Canon EOS M5 and M6 are reportedly due for successors in August

(Image credit: Canon)

Canon DSLRs

Canon has done a brilliant job to revamp its DSLR line from top to bottom over the past couple of years, from the new baby EOS 250D / Rebel SL3 through to the full-frame EOS 6D Mark II and EOS 5D Mark IV models. 

However, as the company stated again in its latest (and slightly alarming) financial report, Canon will be veering away from DSLR development and doubling down on mirrorless cameras like the new EOS M5 and M6, along with compacts such as the newly released Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark III and Canon PowerShot G5 X Mark II.  

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Canon EOS 7D Mark III, EOS 90D, or something new?

Camera rumors: Canon EOS 7D dIII or EOS 90D

Canon EOS 7D Mark II - overdue an update

One of the strongest rumors right now concerns talk that the manufacturer might, rather than replacing the Canon EOS 80D and the aging EOS 7D Mark II, merge both lines and replace them with a new body that serves both purposes.

All signs are pointing towards the imminent announcement of the Canon EOS 90D, which will feature the company's new 32MP APS-C sensor, 4K video with no crop, 10fps burst shooting and clean HDMI video out. However, things aren't quite as straightforward as that. 

Confusing leaks have suggested that the 90D will, in some form, feature mirrorless technology. It has been speculated that it will either be a mirrorless camera using the EF mount (which seems unlikely to us), or a DSLR featuring an electronic viewfinder (which would be likelier, though still unusual). 

With a purported August reveal, we shouldn't have too much longer to wait…

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Canon EOS-1D X Mark III

Camera rumors: Canon EOS-1D X III

Another logical addition to the EOS DSLR line would be a replacement for the EOS-1D X Mark II, although there is no great demand for an update here just yet. It does, after all, offer a very respectable 14fps burst shooting option, together with 4K video and am excellent focusing system. That said, Nikon has been giving Canon heat over the past year or so with its excellent D5, so there's definitely room for something fresh.

There's also the impetus of next years 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo – an event with which Canon has significant sponsorship ties. If ever there were a time and a place to launch a new professional sports camera, it's on the company's home turf, at the biggest sporting event in the world, which Canon also just so happens to throw loads of money at.

As such, rumors have surfaced that the Canon EOS-1D X Mark III is being field tested ahead of the Games, by a small number of engineers and photographers. We expect to hear more about this new model in anticipation of an official reveal next February. 

We are almost certain to see replacements for the Canon EOS 80D and EOS 77D enthusiast DSLRs in the next year. 

Canon Ivy Rec

The Canon Ivy Rec is interesting, but should a company like Canon really be crowdfunding? 

The Canon Ivy Rec is interesting, but should a company like Canon really be crowdfunding? 

(Image credit: Canon)

In an intriguing development, Canon has turned to a crowdfunding platform for its latest camera, the Canon Ivy Rec – a weatherproof, wireless, wearable outdoor camera.

Described as "the ultimate go-anywhere camera: clippable, lightweight, compact, and rugged – designed to go where the moment takes you", the Canon Ivy Rec has no screen or traditional viewfinder and looks like a slightly larger USB stick. 

Its 13MP 1/3-inch CMOS sensor takes stills and 1080p video up to 60 frames per second. With no screen to review images, it uses Bluetooth and a new mobile app – the CanonMini Cam App – to transfer files wirelessly.

The Rec launched as a Perk-only campaign on Indiegogo, with a very modest target of 100 Perks (in other words, a target to sell 100 units) starting at a Super Earlybird price of $91 / £73. 

It seems likely that the campaign was a 'taster' for Canon to gauge the appetite for this niche product outside its native Japanese market. As such, it could see wider release at its listed RRP of $130 / £104 later this year. 

Canon concept cameras

The 100-400mm Canon Multifunctional Camera

The 100-400mm Canon Multifunctional Camera

(Image credit: Digital Camera Watch)

While some have accused Canon of playing it safe with its recent camera launches, the company revealed five concept cameras at CP+ 2019 that prove innovation is still at the heart of what it does. 

The 100-400mm Canon Multifunctional Camera offers an easy way to enjoy telephoto shooting with smartphone integration, while the Canon Intelligent Camera might be the device that sits next to the Echo in the corner of your room, with speech and gesture recognition for automated shooting. 

The Kids Mission Camera gives youngsters a camera that resembles their parents' DSLRs, but with modes like 'Cat Feeling' to encourage them to get shooting. And the Canon Free Viewpoint Video System is a fascinating virtual camera that enables you to move the camera anywhere around a sports field.  

Whether or not these cameras make it to market, in 2019 or otherwise, is up for debate. However, the Canon Intelligent Camera is in its third generation of development so it's not beyond the realms of possibility to see it under your tree this year…

The Canon verdict

What we think: This seems to be the year that Canon is going all guns blazing on its EOS R system. We now have an amateur and an advanced model of the camera, and we expect a pro model to be revealed before long – particularly with the lens roadmap being updated with so much pro-grade glass. But with strong rumors of a new DSLR, and new M-Series cameras – it appears that Canon are continuing to keep all its bases covered. 

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