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Palette Expert Kit review: Will it speed up your editing workflow?

Control Photoshop with this completely customisable set of LED add-ons

5 Star Rating

Our Verdict

The Palette Kit has almost limitless possibilities, incredible precision and versatility. It’s the add-on you never knew you needed.


  • Very easy to use
  • Easily customisable to your needs
  • Notably speeds up your workflow


  • A little pricey

Photoshop may be fairly straightforward to pick up, but that doesn’t stop us looking for ways to make it even simpler. From using actions to speed up your workflow to seeking out the quickest way to do something, we’re all guilty of looking for the easiest way to use the software, and that’s the thinking between Palette’s incredible new invention. 

Features & Performance

The Palette Expert Kit consists of a small cube with a screen on it, which combines with other small cubes (and cuboids) that have dials, arcade-style buttons or sliders. You can buy packs of these cubes, packaged as Starter Kits, Expert Kits or Photography Kits, and you can buy cubes individually. 

Each one can control a different element or tool of Photoshop, from exposure to brush hardness, meaning that you needn’t remember keyboard shortcuts anymore, or even where certain features live in Photoshop’s interface. 

The Palette Kit is as customisable as anything within Photoshop itself, as you can click the cubes together in any shape or form. It’s adaptable, versatile and you can assign whatever controls you want. You can even give specific cubes a different LED colour, and you can assign different profiles for working on different things within Photoshop. 

It’s a breath of fresh air for anyone seeking a more hands-on approach to shortcuts, and is compatible with a mouse or graphics tablet. It can be set up in no time at all, too. 

The Palette app is easy to use with the hardware as well. Altering controls with the cubes is really simple, and you can switch whole profiles – which can change every cube’s control depending on the project – with the touch of a button; the only slight annoyance with the Kit is that whenever you change program, there’s a big banner across the bottom of your screen to signify the profile has updated, which really isn’t need.

This product isn’t just useful; it’s so much fun. It makes the creative process feel quick, but it also makes your work all that much more unique. If you’re spending all your time on Photoshop, the Palette Kit will help it to pass a little quicker, and to feel a little better.

Palette Core

The cube with the screen on it indicates which profile is being used by the Palette Kit, and it’s the one that connects to the computer via micro USB. 

Sliders and dials

Alter quantitative values such as brush hardness or volume with the slider and dial-style cubes. 

Arcade-style button

This button can control simple hits like switching colour, but it can also connect to programs like Microsoft Word and Chrome to make menu shortcuts.

Key specs

• Compatible with Photoshop
• Compatible with Lightroom
• Compatible with Capture One
• Compatible with InDesign


The Palette Kit has almost limitless possibilities, incredible precision and versatility. It’s the add-on you never knew you needed.