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Need a webcam? You might want to try a Sigma fp

Need a webcam? You might want to try a Sigma fp
(Image credit: Sigma)

With much of the world stuck in lockdown, many of us have had to quickly upgrade our somewhat lacking home offices with new bits of kit. Webcams have been one of the most sought-after items, but unless you had the foresight to order yours at the start of lockdown, you might have struggled to find anything online. However, if you're still in the same boat, then Sigma might have a contingency plan for you – the Sigma fp.

Sigma has announced that the UK's Sigma fp camera sales have jumped during lockdown, an uplight that Sigma believes might be down to the camera's ability to be used natively as a webcam.

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While many cameras on the market require a special video capture device in order to be used for live streaming (find out how to use your camera as a webcam), the Sigma fp can be plugged directly into your Mac or PC using a USB-C cable. All you need to do is to change the USB Mode in the camera settings to Video Class (UVC).

(Image credit: Sigma)

If you're not quite prepared to invest in a Sigma fp just for your weekly Zoom meetings, you might want to consider the other professional possibilities a Sigma fp can open up. Since the beginning of lockdown, live streaming has become even more prevalent, with everyone from big brands to smaller content creators taking advantage of the Live features on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. 

Taking advantage of live streaming opportunities is a great way to build your brand as a photographer and connect with your followers. Using a camera such as the Sigma fp is a great way to make yourself stand out of the crowd with professional-level live footage.

Tim Berry, Marketing Manager of Sigma Imaging UK says, "The Sigma fp is unique in that it can be used to shoot live video for streaming without having to invest in extra hardware or deal with complicated software issues. Just attach it using the USB-C cable, change one setting in the camera's menu, select the camera input on your computer, and away you go." 

For more information on using your Sigma fp as a webcam, read this detailed blog by Sigma ambassador Paul Monaghan.

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