147 photography techniques, tips and tricks for taking pictures of anything

Tip 97. Hide selection lines

If the dotted line of a selection is making it difficult to see an adjustment you’re making, press H to hide the ‘marching ants’ then make the adjustment without any distractions. Pressing H again will reveal the selection.

Tip 98. Stretch out a sky

If you want more blue sky above your subject, go to Image > Canvas Size. Put 20 % in Height, tick the Relative box, and click the middle-bottom Anchor box. 

Click OK, then make a thin selection along the top edge of the existing sky using the Rectangular Marquee tool. Press Ctrl/Cmd+T to go into Transform mode. 

Pull the top-middle handle upwards to create headroom.

Tip 99. Lose your palettes

To see a pic without distractions, press Tab and you’ll hide all the palettes and tools. To restore them, press Tab again. To lose everything except the Toolbox, press Shift+Tab.

Tip 100. Lose your unwanted layers

Getting rid of layers you don’t need is slow going if you drag them to the trash icon in the Layers panel. 

To quickly delete one layer, right-click on it and select Delete Layer. 

If you want to delete multiple layers, hold down Ctrl/Cmd and click on their names to select them, then right-click on one and select Delete Layers.