Point of view photography: tips to get great POV photos

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Point of view photography, or first-person photography, is fun to shoot and makes a great addition to your travel albums. It's also great for sharing what you’re up to without taking a selfie. 

There’s no need to invest in one of the best GoPro cameras – with an ingenious accessory, you can get brilliant images of your adventures using your regular camera. 

It’s easy to get started. Shoot your hands and feet in different situations, such as patting a dog, dangling over a wall or buying an ice cream. At such close range a super wide-angle lens is a big help for getting everything in shot, but you could also use your kit lens at its widest zoom setting. 

Hands-free shots require a bit more preparation. We’ll show you how to take a shot of yourself cycling, blurring the background for a sense of speed…

01 Feet and hands

Photographing your feet or just one hand is easy – you can simply point and shoot. If you want to include both your hands, hang your camera around your neck, switch to live view and compose the shot, then use the self-timer to get your hands into the position you want.

02 Strap in place

If you want to shoot sports then you’ll need to keep your camera stable. Get hold of an SLR chest strap, which wraps around your waist and holds the camera snug against you. They cost around £20 / $35 on eBay, or you could make your own from stretchy material.

03 Speed it up

The aim of a shot like this is to keep your hands and handlebars in focus while the rest of the scene blurs, creating a sense of speed. Switch to shutter priority mode and pick 1/300 sec, then select the interval timer, and shoot until you’re happy with the result. 

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