10 summer photography tips to get you creative in the warmer months

10 summer photography tips to get you creative in the warmer months

Despite the early sunrises, late sunsets and harsh daytime sunlight of summer it’s still one of our favourite times for photography.

Being outside with your camera in the warmer months just feels so good. If you’re struggling to come up with creative ideas during summer, however, our friends and guest bloggers at Photoventure have a few summer photography tips that might help.

10 summer photography tips to get you creative in the warmer months: 01. Head to the beach

1. Head to the beach

Some might argue that beaches are more dramatically beautiful during the stormy winter months, but they’re usually more pleasant, less bracing destinations in summertime. And there’s lots of activity to photograph.

When you’re planning a photographic trip to the beach it’s a good idea to check the tides times as well as the weather as the best time for beachscapes is often just after high tide when the pristine sand is gradually revealed.

Arriving at low tide on a popular beach will often mean that the sand is churned up and covered in sun worshipers and their footprints — although these can make great photos.

Before you step onto the beach, think about what type of shots you want to take and fit an appropriate lens, ideally you want to avoid changing lens once you’re in the sandy environment.

A telephoto optic is great for shooting seaside activities from afar, but you may want something a little shorter if there’s someone you’d like to shoot as portrait subject.

A wide-angle lens, however, is ideal for giving a sense of space.


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