How to photograph anything: best camera settings to use in any situation

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    What are the best camera settings to use for all the different subjects you want to photograph? While we may not cover everything, in our latest Shoot Like A Pro series we give it our best shot!

    Over the course of this series we’ll show you the best camera settings to use to shoot a range of subjects within the genres of portrait photography, landscape photography, street scene, wildlife photography, close-ups and more.

    To kick things off we’ll take a look at the common camera settings you’ll want to use every time you shoot and explain how and why you might want to change them.

    How to photograph anything: best camera settings to use in any situation

    While we can’t be by your side every step of the way to check which settings you’re using, over the following pages you’ll find the most important settings you need for different subjects and shooting situations.

    Obviously it’s impossible to predict every single shooting situation that you’ll ever come across, as each time you shoot the light, the subject and the background will be different.

    However, if you use these settings as a starting point for each subject, you’ll soon get used to the optimum menu options for the different shooting situations you find yourself in.

    Then you simply need to use the hints and tips we’ve included on how and why you may need to change these settings to cope with different situations, lighting conditions or perhaps to get different creative effects in your images.

    PAGE 1: Why change your camera settings
    PAGE 2: How to change your camera settings


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