How to focus your camera for any subject or scene: free photography cheat sheet

    | Photography Tips | 16/11/2012 02:00am

    Are you tired of soft photos? Few things are as deflating as coming home from what you thought was a great shoot, only to find your images aren’t sharp under closer scrutiny. After all, knowing how to focus is one of the fundamental skills of being a photographer – yet it’s one of the most common photography problems there is.

    Thankfully, our latest photography cheat sheet is here to help. We’ve come up with a new set of flowcharts to take you step by step through how to focus your camera for some of the most challenging shooting situations. Master these camera focus techniques and you’ll be well on your way to improving your output.

    Our cheat sheet starts with showing you how to focus for portrait photography, then takes you through how to stay sharp for action photography, how to focus for close-up shots and, finally, how to focus for landscape photography so you capture all of the detail in your scene.

    To view the larger version of our cheat sheet, simply click on the infographic below to expand the file. Or you can drag and drop it to your desktop to save for later.

    Work these techniques into your routine and you should quickly improve your hit rate and find yourself more adaptable to learning how to focus in even more challenging situations!

    How to focus your camera for any subject or scene: free photography cheat sheet


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