Camera rumors in 2024: what cameras are coming, officially and otherwise!

Nikon rumors 2024

Nikon Z30

(Image credit: Nikon Z30)

The Nikon rumors have, of late, all come to fruition – which only gives further credence to the old "where there's smoke, there's fire" adage.

Longstanding rumors about the Nikon Z8 came to pass, and it was indeed a "baby Z9" as rumored. Likewise, we got the oft-rumored Nikon Zf – a full-frame version of the Nikon Z fc, which itself was a mirrorless version of the Nikon Df (read our Nikon Zf vs Z fc comparison to see the differences).

With the Z lineup now comprising everything from entry-level to professional to prestige retro cameras, what are the latest Nikon rumors as 2024 gets underway? 

Nikon Z9H

Nikon Z9H logo

Nikon Rumors don't get any wilder than this! A report from late last year claims that a special high-speed version of the Nikon Z9 – potentially called the Nikon Z9H – will be launched in time for next year's Olympics. I'm highly suspicious of this, but it's being talked about enough to make it worth including for discussion here.

The "H" is ostensibly a nod to the suffix Nikon used to give to its flagship cameras to denote particular performance specialisms – such as the Nikon D1H, which was a speed-oriented upgrade of the base D1. 

The report notes that the new camera will have a 22-23MP sensor and "will be Nikon's fastest FX-format camera", positing that it might possess a global shutter like the Sony A9 III. It would certainly seem strange for Sony (Nikon's sensor provider) to share its global shutter tech with a rival so soon, but stranger things have happened!

Nikon Z6 III

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Rumors have swirled about the Z6 III for some time, without many concrete details. Of late, though, we've heard chatter that it could have a lot in common with the Zf – which is interesting, given that the Zf shares so much with the Nikon Z6 II

Principally that would mean we're looking at new tricks like 96MP pixel shift shooting (from the same 24.5MP sensor), Focus Point VR (which uses the focus point to inform and improve the in-body image stabilization system) pre-release capture (that takes shots before you fully depress the shutter button), along with the new subject recognition routines for the autofocus system. 

The latest reports suggest that it will feature 7 stops of in-body image stabilization, burst shooting at up to 40fps full-frame or 120fps, and 12-bit 6K 60p and 4K 120p – all of which would continue the Z6's reputation as Nikon's hybrid shooting solution. It will also feature the halfway house CFexpress Type B and SD card memory tag team, enabling users to graduate to the more expensive memory format rather than having it as a requirement.

Nikon Z90

(Image credit: Nikon)

Said to be the mirrorless equivalent of the venerable Nikon D500, this is the designated "APS-C flagship" of Nikon's Z series cameras – and is set to be a direct competitor to the Canon EOS R7

Taking advantage of the 1.5x crop factor's amplification of focal length, the Nikon Z90 is reportedly built around a 33MP DX sensor capable of oversampled 4K 60p video (as well as FullHD at either 120p or 180p) and 15fps burst shooting. 

Other supposed specs include 6 stops of in-body image stabilization, a 3.2-inch tilt-only touchscreen, and a hybrid memory card combo with one CFexpress B and one SD slot. 

This is a camera that Nikon desperately needs in its lineup, so I would expect this – or something similar to it – to come to market sooner than later.

Nikon Z4

Nikon Z4

(Image credit: Nikon Rumors)

Take plenty of salt with this long-in-the-tooth scuttlebutt, as advised by Nikon Rumors. The site reports that this is an EVF-free camera along the lines of the Sony A7C – "think Z50 but with an FX-format sensor". It is said to be smaller (63 x 129 x 96mm) and lighter (565g) than the Nikon Z5, and may even be an "iCamera" with all-new interface and potentially apps. However, as Nikon's recent re-strategizing has seen the company move away from entry-level mirrorless, this one might be a relic of past concepts.

Nikon 1000fps 4K camera

(Image credit: Nikon / Digital Camera Info)

Frames per second hadn't been Nikon's forte up until the release of the Z9, but the change looks set to continue with the advent of an astonishing new 4K sensor that can capture up to 1000fps – all while delivering what Nikon calls "the world's highest levels of sensor performance".

"This new stacked CMOS image sensor uses a fine-pitch wafer level wire connection technology consistent with the 2.7 um pixel size," Nikon told us. "Also, it has a total pixel count of approximately 17.8 megapixels that realizes 4K × 4K high-resolution imaging of 1,000 frames per second and 110-dB high dynamic range (HDR) characteristics. This is one of the widest dynamic ranges in the industry."

The caveats are that this is a one-inch sensor, and is likely to be intended for industry rather than consumer use. However, with Nikon working on such bleeding-edge technology, it could open some very interesting doors for its consumer cameras going forward.

The Nikon verdict

What we think: Nikon has struck gold with the Z8 and Z9 pro cameras, and the Zf and Zf c retro cameras – and it knows it. With the company working hard to claw back market share, we wouldn't be surprised to see more of a focus on these areas in particular. The Z6 III feels like the next big release, though that Z9H feels ever so slightly dubious right now. 

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