Camera rumors 2019: what new cameras are coming out this year?

Sigma L-Mount camera

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It became apparent that Sigma was planning its own full-frame mirrorless camera when it joined with Leica and Panasonic to announce their three-way L-Mount Alliance at Photokina 2018. Since then, details have been thin on the ground... until the CP+ 2019 exhibition in Yokohama.

Here, Sigma dropped two bombshells. The first was that there would indeed be a new full-frame Sigma mirrorless model, but that it would not now arrive until 2020. The second was that it would not feature a conventional single-layer sensor, as previously imagined, but would use a three-layer Foveon chip designed by Sigma and made by US company TSI Semiconductors.

The new sensor will have a nominal resolution of 60.9 million pixels, but because this is counted across all three layers, its actual native resolution looks set to be 20 megapixels. We have no idea yet what the new camera will look like, but the Sigma Quattro and Quattro H were excellent cameras that showed Sigma has the ability to turn current camera design ideas on their head.

Sigma's first L-mount lenses go on sale this year

Sigma's first L-mount lenses go on sale this year

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