How to layer multiple filters for perfect long exposures

How to layer multiple filters for perfect long exposures

In this long exposure photography tutorial we’ll show you step-by-step how to use one filter to balance your exposure, then use another filter to enable a long exposure.

9 creative photo ideas to try in May

9 creative photo ideas to try in May 2015 Digital Camera magazine: Sarah J Thomas

We’re kicking off May with a new list of exciting photo projects like double exposures, street photography, eye-opening infrared and macro abstracts.

Off-camera flash tips for outdoor portrait photography

Off camera flash tips for outdoor portraits: effect

Follow our step-by-step guide to blending off-camera flash with ambient light, and add a sense of drama to your outdoor portraits.

Photo composition tips: how to break the rules with landscapes

Landscape photo composition tips: break the rules – location

Take your landscape photos to the next level with these creative composition and framing tricks.

10 things portrait photographers should know about their craft

5 quick tips for using fast lenses: portrait power

People are one of the most popular subjects for photography, so let’s take a look at some of the most important things photographers should consider when shooting a portrait.

Pro composition tips: how to make the most of any subject or scene


When you find a great subject or location that inspires you, make the most of it by really working the scene to maximise your chances of shooting a perfect image. Here’s how it’s done…

10 pro photography tips that only come with experience

Odd numbers work best for balanced pictures

In their latest guest post the team at Photoventure have collected a set of ten tips that can help you take your photography to the next level. Or help you stop making the odd mistake…

Using patterns in photography: 5 fresh ideas for still life and nature


Using natural patterns in photography is a great way to improve your compositional skills, and can also help transform the ordinary into something extraordinary, as nature pro Mark Hamblin explains…

Outdoor portrait photography made easy: tips for pro-quality results

Outdoor portrait photography made easy: tips for pro-quality results

Every photographer aspires to shoot professional-looking images, and in this in-depth tutorial we reveale the recipe that makes up all good outdoor portrait photography, offering expert photography tips on everything you need to know about this subject, from composition and kit to camera tips, flash techniques and more. We’ll start by covering the equipment you’ll… Continue reading

5 quick tips for using fast lenses

5 quick tips for using fast lenses: speedy glass

A major bonus of fast lenses is that they allow you to use faster shutter speeds in low light, fending off the problems of both camera shake and motion blur, the latter of which can’t be fixed with any amount of optical image stabilisation.