6 lessons you’ll only learn by shooting with flash

    | Photography Tips | 09/08/2014 00:01am

    If you never use flash there are some great effects that you’re missing out on and a few important lessons that you’ll never learn about photography. In their latest guest blog post the photo management experts at Photoventure see if they can persuade you to give using flash a go.

    6 lessons you'll only learn by shooting with flash: 01. The benefit of a bit of sparkle

    1. The benefit of a bit of sparkle

    If you don’t use flash for portrait images your subject’s eyes won’t sparkle or have controllable bright catchlights that bring them alive.

    Once you start paying attention to the catchlights in your subject’s eyes you’ll discover that you can adjust their position and shape by moving the flash or changing its shape.

    If you use a ring flash, for example, you can create circles of light in the eyes.


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