6 ways to take more creative photos that will cost you absolutely nothing

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    Imagine your camera and gear is like a car and creativity is the fuel that drives it. While we don’t wait to beat this metaphor to death, even the most expensive kit in the world won’t get you very far if your photography lacks creativity and flair — that elusive wow factor that makes a good photograph a great one.

    If your photography lacks flair, our friends at Photoventure suggested these 6 creative photo ideas that will cost you absolutely nothing at all.

    6 ways to take more creative photos that will cost you absolutely nothing

    Sadly, creativity can’t be bought over the counter; while some of it you are born with, a lot of it can be developed through hard work and a willingness to learn new things. In this sense, creativity is like luck.

    As a famous sportsperson would said, “the harder I work, the luckier I get.”

    So, if your creativity is running on empty, how can you go about refilling it with those essential creative juices?

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    01. Learn to see

    What is the most important piece of equipment you own? That £1500 L series lens? The beautifully engineered carbon-fibre tripod? Nope, it’s your eyes.

    “Seeing is a neglected enterprise,” said Saul Leiter and he’s right. By this, we mean keeping your eyes open to photographic possibilities wherever you go.

    Annie Liebowitz also says that this facility is ‘on all the time’ with her, and she never switches off. She sees pictures everywhere.

    Now, this is not the same as randomly shooting everything just for the sake of it, it’s about being sensitive and open minded to photographic possibility, and then making it happen.

    If you see somebody really interesting looking on the street, you need to then take the picture — don’t put it off or use shyness as an excuse.

    Your need to get a good picture needs to be greater than your shyness. Feel the fear and do it anyway!


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