Photography tips for beginners: the first 12 things to learn with your camera

Photography tips for beginners
(Image credit: Future)

If you’ve just got your first camera or in need of refreshing your skills, look no further as we’ve compiled the ultimate list of photography tips for beginners. We'll take you through fundamentals of photography, and set you on the path of getting great images with your camera kit. 

After reading our top tips you’ll have the confidence to get, shooting and be well on your way to becoming a pro!

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Claire Gillo

Claire is a professional photographer and writer, and lives by the the sea with her two young children, husband and cat in the southwest of the UK.

After graduating from The Bournemouth Arts Institute with a first-class degree in photography, Claire worked for a number of years in the publishing industry, including as Technique Editor for Digital Camera magazine.

She loves anything and everything to do with photography, from creating magazine articles to photographing ballerinas on the beach and newborn babies (but not at the same time). She mainly shoots with digital DSLRs, but does dust off her beloved Hasselblad medium-format film camera once in a while…