Best insurance for photographers? How to protect your camera and lenses

Best insurance for photographers? How to protect your camera and lenses

If you’ve recently upgraded your camera or added an expensive new lens to your camera bag, chances are you don’t want to – and can’t afford to – buy them again. So what is the best insurance for photographers to protect their camera and lenses against theft or damage?

Our friends at PhotoPlus recently tackled the question and explained whether you should consider some form of insurance other than your household policy or if specialist insurance would be better than leaving it on the household policy?

Best insurance for photographers? How to protect your camera and lenses

It’s definitely worth getting a specialist insurance policy for your precious camera kit, rather than relying on your household policy.

For the latter, the amount of cover for items stolen when you’re away from home generally wouldn’t cover the replacement cost of equipment.

We’d recommend Photoguard. The company’s basic ‘Select’ policy is very good and competitively priced.

The standard package includes new-for-old replacement and reimbursement of up to £1,000 for hiring equipment while waiting for an approved claim to come through.

Optional extras that you can add on to the policy include in-vehicle cover for leaving kit in the boot of your car, EU cover and worldwide cover, which are handy if you travel abroad for work or holidays.

Another good additional option is public liability insurance. It might come in useful if, for example, you’ve set up your camera on a tripod on a street corner and somebody trips over it and suffers an injury.

Even if you’re semi-professional you can still use the Select policy rather than the more expensive Pro insurance, providing you earn less than 50 per cent of your annual income from your photography.

Photoguard is offering Digital Camera World readers a 20% discount on its insurance plans. Click here to take advantage of Photoguard’s 20% discount and choose the insurance plan that’s right for you!


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