Blend Modes: the 10 best blends for photographers (and how to use them)

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    When it comes to digital photography and combining or enhancing images, there are two essential components – your layers and the Blend Mode you choose to work with. We’ll talk about layers in a later post; today we want to focus on the Photoshop Blend Modes and identify some of the best blends for photographers. In this post we’ll first look at some of the ways you can blend your layers together, and then we’ll list the 10 best Blend Modes you can use to enhance your photos

    Blend Modes: the 10 best blends for photographers (and how to use them)

    Essentially, a Blend Mode is based on complicated mathematics performed by Photoshop, in which the software calculates the differences or similarities between image information on the target layer (Blend) and the one below it (Base). Then, depending on the chosen type of Blend Mode, it blends these two layers in a particular way.

    As you’ll see further on in this post, there are many flavours of Blend Modes, useful for distinctly different image-editing scenarios. Some modes use the tones and colours from one layer to darken the other, while different modes do the exact opposite.

    There are some Blending Modes that will have a striking effect on contrast, while there are others that affect only colour information.

    On the next page we’ll look at how you can use these various Blending Modes to their best advantage. We’ll show you what each one does, and how they can be used to great effect in your digital photography workflow.

    PAGE 1: What is a Blend Mode?
    PAGE 2: Start using your Blend Modes
    PAGE 3: Get to know the Blend Mode menu
    PAGE 4: The 10 best blends for photographers 1-5
    PAGE 5: The 10 best blends for photographers 6-10


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