Motorsport photography tips from start to finish line

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    In our latest Professional Photographer to the Rescue post our professional photographer takes our apprentice into the rough and tumble world of motorsport photography to shoot a leg of the British Rally Championship.

    Motorsport photography tips from start to finish line

    Meet our professional photographer

    Jakob Ebrey runs Silverstone-based Jakob Ebrey Photography, the UK’s leading national motorsports photography agency. He’s the official British Rally Championship photographer and also shoots many other high-profile motorsports events. See more of his work at

    Meet our apprentice

    Trucker Dave King hails from Essex. He’s been taking photos since he was 15, and used to help out pro photographers at Arena Essex Raceway shooting all sorts of motorsport photography in the ’80s. Now using a DSLR, he asked for our help to improve his sports action shots.

    Technique Assessment

    Motorsport photography tips: set shutter priority

    Set Shutter Priority Mode
    “Taking control of your shutter speed is critical when shooting motorsport photography,” advises Jakob, “so I got Dave to use Tv (Shutter Priority) mode, so he could set his shutter speed while his camera takes care of the aperture. I generally want a shutter speed of 1/250-1/500 sec to freeze the action in my motorsport photography, unless I’m panning for motion blur.”


    Motorsport photography tips: manage your ISO

    Manage your ISO
    “To make sure Dave’s DSLR is letting him set a good and fast shutter speed I got him to manually increase his ISO,” says Jakob. “It was a dull day, so we were shooting at ISO400 and 800 for most of the day. If you don’t increase your ISO, even shooting on your lenses widest aperture (such as f/2.8 or f/5.6) won’t achieve a resulting fast enough shutter speed.”

    PAGE 1: Meet our professional photographer and apprentice
    PAGE 2: Motorsport photography tips for during the shoot
    PAGE 3: Final tips from our professional photographer
    PAGE 4: Our professional photographer’s recommended gear
    PAGE 5: Shot of the Day


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