Usain Bolt Olympic camera hits eBay

Usain Bolt grabs photographer's camera, takes better photos than most of us

It was a scene that thrilled photographers worldwide, and now the camera Usain Bolt snatched from an Olympic sports photographer is being auctioned off for charity.

Swedish sports photographer Jimmy Wixtröm is auctioning off the famous Nikon D4 camera that Usain Bolt used during the Olympics, with proceeds from the sale going to the Swedish Cancer Society.

Wixtröm’s Nikon D4 is currently listed on eBay with 21 bids, at $7,200.

Usain Bolt camera goes on eBay

Immediately after Usain Bolt finished the 200 meter finals during the London 2012 Olympics, the world’s fastest man borrowed the Sportbladet photographer’s camera and began taking photos of the press pit and fellow runner Yohan Blake.

When he was finished taking photos, Bolt carved his name onto the camera with a screwdriver.

Usain Bolt Olympic camera hits auction block

The auction includes this ‘signed’ Nikon D4 camera body and a framed picture of the moment when Usain Bolt used it.

Wixtröm tells us the photographers around him were shocked when Bolt took his camera, and adds that he will be getting another Nikon D4 to replace the auctioned camera.


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