Canon EOS 70D: we review its 5 best features

Canon EOS 70D: we review its 5 best features

The Canon EOS 70D has drawn plenty of early plaudits for its impressive spec list, and has drawn intense comparisons to the Nikon D7100, its closest competitor.

In her latest review video, Amy Davies of our testing team puts five of the most impressive features from the Canon EOS 70D spec sheet to the test to see how they fare.

Canon EOS 70D vs Nikon D7100 Comparison: 12 VIEWFINDER

The announcement of any Canon DSLR usually creates a lot of excitement, but when that camera launches a new sensor with a new pixel count (for the manufacturer) and is aimed at enthusiast photographers, it ups the ante considerably.

So naturally there’s been quite a buzz surrounding the new Canon EOS 70D, which has a 20.2 million-pixel CMOS sensor coupled with a Digic 5 processor.

Here Amy Davies puts this new Canon camera’s key features to the test.

Stay tuned for our full Canon EOS 70D review.


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