Camera Lenses Explained: how to get sharp photos using telephoto lenses

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    In the third part of our Shoot Like A Pro Series on how to get the sharpest photos possible with your camera’s lenses, we explain how extending the reach of your photography with a telephoto lens can help 
you capture scenes that are beyond the scope of other optics.

    Camera Lenses Explained: how to get sharp photos using telephoto lenses

    A telephoto lens is the natural choice for sports and wildlife subjects that you can’t get close to. But long focal-length lenses are great for shooting all sorts of subjects.

    Because you can shoot from a distance, it’s easier to isolate individual subjects from their surroundings, or make subjects at different distances appear to be very close together in the final image.

    This effect is called ‘compressed perspective’, and is dead handy when there are layers of objects in the scene that appear to stack on top of each other.

    How to get sharp photos using telephoto lenses

    Including figures is a handy way to give telephoto shots a sense of scale.

    In Brighton we found our telephoto lens ideal for shooting architecture. The longer focal length was also perfect for grabbing candid shots, along with picking out individual details such as the remains of the end of the West Pier.

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