Photoshop shortcuts: 14 ways to work more efficiently (free cheat sheet)

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    Want to dramatically speed up your photo editing time? Try these 14 Photoshop shortcuts for the keyboard that will massively improve your speed and efficiency.

    Click on the cheat sheet to see the larger version of the file, or drag and drop the image to your desktop to keep these Photoshop shortcuts as a handy reference.

    Where relevant we’ve provided versions of these Photoshop shortcuts for both Mac and PC keyboards.

    14 Essential Photoshop Shortcuts: free cheat sheet

    Photoshop shortcuts: 14 ways to work more efficiently (free cheat sheet)

    Reset the foreground and background colours to black and white

    Alt+[scroll wheel]
    Zoom in or out of the image

    Create a merged copy of all the layers in the layer stack

    Space bar
    Temporarily switch the current tool to the Hand tool, for moving around the image while zoomed in

    Alt+[eye icon]
    Switch off the visibility of all other layers in the layer stack, for before-and-after comparisons

    Invert the colour of a layer mask to black

    Shift+[layer mask]
    Disable the effects of a layer mask

    Switch the foreground and background colour swatches

    [ or ]
    Resize the brush tip

    shift+[ or ]
    Cycle backwards or forwards through the layer blend modes

    Undo the last change made to the document. Works multiple times

    Cmd/Ctrl+[layer mask]
    Load the currently active layer mask as a new selection

    Activate the Free Transform tool

    Duplicate the current layer


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