5 things you need know about tilt-shift lenses

5 common questions about tilt-shift lenses

Tilt-shift lenses are useful optics for a number of reasons, but most commonly they are adored for their ability to render everyday scenes as miniature models. Most compact cameras now even offer creative filters which recreated the effect of tilt-shift lenses. Below we answer five key questions about tilt-shit lenses that you need to know before using one.

5 common questions about tilt-shift lenses

1. What are they?
Often called Perspective Correction lenses, tilt-shift lenses are specialist optics that can tilt or rotate the image path, as well as shifting in the parallel plane.

2. How do they work?
Through the available range of tilt settings, the frontal section of the lens swivels at varying angles from the camera body. Depth of field can be controlled between a very small area to practically infinity. Shift mode is most useful for correcting parallel lines that are receding in a scene, so they don’t appear to converge.

5 things you need to know about tilt-shift lenses

Shooting upwards with a regular lens can produce severe perspective distortion, with leaning architecture


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