63 free Lightroom presets: The best presets for portraits, landscapes and more


Image: Santypan, Getty Images

It's OK to be lazy when it comes to photo editing. When you've done all the hard work out on location, lumping around your kit and waiting for the perfect shot, it's more than understandable to not want to spend hours in front of your computer perfecting what you've captured.

That's why Lightroom presets are such a godsend. But why?

What is a Lightroom preset? 

Lightroom presets take the hassle out of editing, applying stock effects for you without you having to fiddle with levels and sliders for what might seem like forever.

So, if you want to achieve a particular look, instead of having to guess which combination of contrast, saturation, white balance and so on would achieve the desired effect, you just apply these with just a click, and tweak to perfect if needs be.

You can download many different types of presets for many different genres. So, you may want to go for a colour preset with slightly lower saturation and contrast when looking to edit a portrait, for example, or a strong, high-contrast black and white option for moody landscapes. 

Take the time out of editing and dive into these 63 free Adobe Lightroom presets. All you need to do it click on the title of the ones you want.

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1. CosmicDancer

If you're looking for something to give you clarity, tone up your images and keep them bold, this free Lightroom preset is for you. 

2. Trey Ratcliff presets

Trey Ratcliff's preset pack for ON1 contains beautifully bright radial effects and warm options to bring a little more colour and life to your photos. Make sure to check out Trey's work too; he's an American photographer with exquisite nature shots in his portfolio. 

3. Skyfall

Nothing to do with James Bond, with pale pink skies and low contrast, these Skyfall textures can give a gentle subtlety to your images. They work particularly well with landscape shots. 

4. Orange & Teal

You probably don't even need to download these presets to guess what they do to your images. The teal and orange shades nicely complement one another, and these are great effects to adding to images with both cold and warm tones. 

5. Shutter Pulse presets

Shutter Pulse create amazing presets of the highest quality, and luckily for us, they have whole collections of them free on their site. There are presets for just about everything too, so if you like what you see, why not purchase full packs? 

6. Altphotos presets

With presets that dull and darken, presets that brighten and warm, presets that increase contrast and blue tones, and presets that give warm, retro finishes to your images, you'll be sure so find something you like with Altphotos.   

7. Grain and Film

For anyone looking to add that filmic effect to their pictures, look no further than ON1's Grain and Film pack. These are wonderfully easy options for adding noise and texture to your images without it being overbearing.   

 8. High Tide

These High Tide effects look gorgeous when applied to bright, summery photos. Combine them with your sea images, sunburst shots and sand photos for a warm finish.

 9. Vintage Film

In the age of Instagram and Polaroid-style photos, there's never been a better time for a vintage film preset that replicates the same effect. This one is a particularly strong effort and gives lovely tone to your images.

 10. Vintage Vixen

On the theme of vintage, check out this portrait preset. With soft tones, a nice brown overlay and added warmth, this can help give you a classic movie star feel to your shot without any loss of quality. 

11. Deep Matte

Creating a nice, smooth matte effect in your photo needn't be too difficult with this plugin. It leaves you with solid definition and great toning to your shots.   

12. Favourite Film

Favourite film dims the contrast in your pictures to make them suitable for the big screen. It's a subtle preset, but one that certainly gives you that movie-esque finish to your shots. 

13. Vintage Lightroom presets

You can never have enough vintage presets, right? This pack contains everything from blue-toned, misty effects, to light leak-infused options, and you get the Classic ii and Misty Lightroom preset options for free.   

14. Winter Wonderland

The Winter Wonderland preset on ON1's website is perfect for bringing a chilly snap into sharp focus. It ups the clarity, fixes the contrast and gives a vivid feel to your final image.   

 15. Let's Get Lost

When it comes to toning your images, the Let's Get Lost preset is great for a once-over. It turns landscapes and lifestyle images into hipster-style shots and it's very versatile.   

16. Cross Processing

The problem with so many cross-process filters – I'm looking at you, Instagram – is that the effect can reduce the blacks in your image to shocking purple. This is one of the classier presets out there, and capable of really subtle effects.   

 17. Landscape Vibrations 

Landscapes often need more pep, more contrast and more clarity. Knowing when enough is enough is the hard part, but Landscape Vibrations can help with that. It's a quality start point for such effects and these presets are suitable for so many other kinds of images.

 18. Mini Enlighten presets

The Mini Enlighten presets are great for controlling your exposure and offer great overlays for a professional finish. They make your colours pop without over-complicating the effect and work really well with portraits in particular. 

19. Sepia presets

From soft HDR to clear skin and cold shadows, this pack of presets is useful for applying all kinds of options to your pictures. For a quick burst of nostalgia, any of these presets are really useful.   

20. Colour Pop

There's a fine line between beautifully vibrant and garish mess, but with Colour Pop, you never need overstep that mark. While so many presets will turn down the natural saturation, these effects will give them a pleasant boost instead.