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Best free Lightroom presets in 2020: 60 presets for portraits, landscapes and more

Best free Lightroom presets: 65 presets for portraits, landscapes and more
(Image credit: Pitchwayz/Getty Images)

If you're looking for the best free Lightroom presets, then look no further. While some photographers love tweaking their images to perfection in post-production, others would much rather save time with a one-click solution and then head back out with their camera for more photographic fun. Luckily, Lightroom presets provide the perfect quick editing solution for the best photo-editing software around. 

Lightroom presets are available all over the internet for a varying amount of money. Some go for around £10/ $10, but others can be hundreds of pounds (or dollars). However, you can actually download some surprisingly decent free Lightroom presets. Not only is a fantastic way to enhance your images, it's also a great chance for you to explore photo editing techniques by seeing how others use the Lightroom program. 

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What is a Lightroom preset? 

Lightroom presets take the hassle out of the editing process, applying pre-made effects and adjustments to your images without you having to fiddle with levels and sliders for what might seem like forever. You can often find that a well-crafted preset will give you just the look you want without you having to resort to plug-in tools like the DxO Nik Collection or Alien Skin Exposure 4.5.

So if you want to achieve a particular kind of look or style, instead of having to guess which combination of contrast, saturation, white balance and so on would best achieve the desired effect, you just apply these preset edits with a few quick clicks – and you can add a few final tweaks if you wish.

You can download many different types of presets for many different genres of photography. So you may want to go for a color preset with slightly lower saturation and contrast when looking to edit a portrait, for example, or a strong, high-contrast black and white option for moody landscapes. 

Take the time out of the editing process and dive into these 65 free Adobe Lightroom presets, which we've handpicked to help you perfect your portraits, landscapes and creative images. You might also want to check out or list of 10 hidden features in Lightroom, and if you don't find the look you need in the list below, we can also help you with 25 premium Lightroom presets and plugins for serious photographers.

Haven't got Lightroom yet? You can find out how you can subscribe to it here as part of Adobe's Creative Cloud Photography Plan.

1. Altphotos presets

Best free Lightroom presets: Altphotos presets

With presets that dull and darken, presets that brighten and warm, presets that increase contrast and blue tones, and presets that give warm, retro finishes to your images, you'll be sure to find something you like with Altphotos.

Download Altphotos presets

2. Shutter Pulse presets

Best free Lightroom presets: Shutter Pulse presets

Shutter Pulse creates amazing presets of the highest quality – and, luckily for us, it has whole collections of them free on its site. There are presets for just about everything, too, so if you like what you see then you can purchase full packs. 

Download Shutter Pulse presets

3. Vintage Vixen

Best free Lightroom presets: Vintage Vixen

What’s old is new, and that’s certain the case with the vintage look. This portrait preset creates soft tones, a nice brown overlay and added warmth, which can help give you a classic movie star feel to your shots without any loss of quality. 

Download Vintage Vixen

4. Deep Matte

Best free Lightroom presets: Deep Matte

Creating a nice, smooth matte effect in your portrait photographs needn't be too difficult with this useful plugin. It leaves you with solid definition and great toning to your shots, which can add extra dimension and texture. 

Download Deep Matte

5. Mini Enlighten presets

(Image credit: MCPActions)

The Mini Enlighten presets are great for controlling your exposure and offer great overlays for a professional finish. They make your colors pop without overcomplicating the effect and work really well with portraits in particular. 

Download Mini Enlighten presets

6. Sepia presets

(Image credit: Fix The Photo)

From soft HDR to clear skin and cold shadows, this pack of presets is useful for applying all kinds of options to your pictures. For a quick burst of nostalgia, any of these presets are really useful. 

Download Sepia presets

7. Color Pop

Best free Lightroom presets: Color Pop

(Image credit: Shutterpulse)

There can be a fine line between beautifully vibrant colors and a garish, unsightly mess. However, with Color Pop you never need overstep that mark. While so many presets will turn down the natural saturation in your photos, this effect will give a pleasant boost to photos that might be a little lackluster straight out of camera. 

Download Color Pop

8. Grace preset

(Image credit: Preset Love)

This Grace preset by Silky Presets is adept at lightening shadows without washing out your picture with a lack of contrast. It's refined, controlled and a good effect to use on a portrait.   

Download Grace preset

9. Warm Retro

Best free Lightroom presets: Warm Retro

Warmth can be tricky to add to your pictures. Too much and you run the risk of an orange overdose, but too little can make your images look washed out. Luckily, this is a preset that fits just between the two. 

Download Warm Retro

10. Cole's Classroom presets

Best free Lightroom presets: Cole's Classroom presets

With added haze, crispness, summer and black-and-white presets included in this pack, Cole has covered all bases with a fun set of presets. Our personal pick? Big Bold Color. Check them out.

Download Cole’s Classroom presets

11. Skin Tone

Best free Lightroom presets: Skin Tone

All portraits need a little bit of editing and tweaking here and there, and getting the skin correct can be one of the hardest things to do. Luckily, this preset does all the hard work for you.

Download Skin Tone

12. Silver Lining

Best free Lightroom presets: Silver Lining

If you're looking for a black-and-white preset but want to avoid high contrast, this glassy, silver lining preset might be just what you need. It takes the color out of your photos and leaves a classy monochrome finish.

Download Silver Lining

13. Hollywood presets

Best free Lightroom presets: Hollywood presets

If it's glamour you're seeking, these presets are the ones for you. With gorgeous toning in a range of styles, you'll feel like a Hollywood superstar in no time. The paid-for Pro version contains 70 presets in total, but you can grab two for free to start you off.

Download Hollywood presets

14. Blood Brothers

Best free Lightroom presets: Blood Brothers

(Image credit: Free Lightroom Presets)

If you're looking for deep dramatic blacks, subtly purple-toned highlights and nice warm skin tones, you may want to give Blood Brothers a download. This preset gives you plenty of room to get creative with your colors without going overboard. 

Download Blood Brothers

15. Greater Than Gatsby

Best free Lightroom presets: Greater Than Gatsby

Perfect for beginners and professionals alike, this set of effects is lifted from a range of Greater Than Gatsby's presets, with the slant towards soft-focus portraits, weddings and shots of kids.

Download Greater Than Gatsby

16. BeArt presets

Best free Lightroom presets: BeArt presets

Available on the Adobe website, the BeArt collection is great for beginners but it also contains some great effects that enthusiasts might want to call upon from time to time. 

Download BeArt presets

17. Insta Look

Best free Lightroom presets: Insta Look

(Image credit: Filter Look)

These presets give a lovely bright and airy effect by effectively erasing shadows, lighting highlights and brightening the image as whole. Blues are transformed into light cyans and greens are nicely desaturated in this staple Instagram look. 

Download Insta Look

18. Urban Presets

Best free Lightroom presets: Urban Presets

If you're not really looking for HDR but you're still seeking a clarity boosting preset, this might just be the one for you. This grungy urban preset does a great job of making the gritty pretty, and is ideal for edgy street portraiture.

Download Urban Presets

19. The Hub

Best free Lightroom presets: The Hub

A great option for when you're looking to achieve high-key pictures, these presets accentuate the tones and details and turn your images to black-and-white expressions for an uber-cool finish.

Download The Hub

20. Lightgram

This suite of crisp, punchy presets is ideal for just about every kind of portraiture. From muted, matte-look tones to moody mono treatments and crunchy color boosts, it’s sure to add some pep to whatever portraits you throw at it. 

Download Lightgram

21. The Ultimate Fighter Look

The agonised comic book look that was popularised by the movie 300 was quickly adopted by mixed martial arts organisations such as the UFC as the aesthetic for fighter portraits. If you want to give your images the Leonidas look or touch of TJ Dillashaw, this is the preset for you.

Download The Ultimate Fighter Look

22. Free Portrait Photography Lightroom Preset

This preset adds some serious bite to your portraits. With subtle desaturation, sharpening and contrast boosts in the midtones, your images gain a gritty vibe without succumbing to that overly HDRed look. 

Download Free Portrait Photography Lightroom Preset

23. Photoshoot Preset

(Image credit: Preset Pro)

This soft, faded, dreamy look adds a hint of vintage elegance to any image. It is particularly suited to portrait photography, though, with its muted contrast and soft colors that recall the look of the old camera lenses that your parents used to shoot with.

Download Photoshoot Preset

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