Nikon says "save the date" for March 25 – is it Nikon Z8 time?

Nikon save the date for camera launch
(Image credit: Nikon)

Nikon Philippines has sent out a very vague 'save the date' for March 25 on its official Facebook page, but what could this be for? We have known for a while that Nikon has been preparing a camera launch for the first quarter of 2022, with all rumors and speculation pointing towards a Nikon Z8. Are we about to see its debut?

Just last week we reviewed all the rumored specs for the Nikon Z8, and with this camera long on every tipster's radar, it is all but a certainty now that it will appear – and the March 25 date lines up with all previous expectations.

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The Nikon Z8, for those not glued to the latest Nikon rumors, is expected to be the Big N's answer to the megapixel monster that is the Sony A7R V, which has a whopping 61MP sensor. In the resolution arms race it is never good to be left behind, and it appears that Nikon placed a large order for this same 61MP sensor from Sony (side note: yes, Sony manufactures sensors for most other brands). 

Although the sensor might be the same as the one in the Sony, Nikon engineers will undoubtedly work their magic on tuning the sensor to work with Nikon Expeed processors and Nikon color science, just as Sony put its own flavor on the sensor in its cameras.

(Image credit: Nikon)

Not much else is currently known about the Nikon Z8, although it is almost guaranteed to feature in-body image stabilization, both to keep up with rivals, and to stabilize all those 61 million pixels from even minor jiggles (as with other hi-res cameras, the Z8 will need all the assistance it can get).

One big question that remains is if the camera will shoot oversampled 6K or make the jump to full 8K recording. Initially, 8K has had a very bumpy start – and as a direct response to that, or just a lack of consumer interest, it hasn't really taken off as the major feature it was pegged to be. 

A lot of camera brands recently have settled for oversampled 6K footage as a happy medium. So Nikon could include 8K to grab some headlines, but it might end up being overcompensation – and, with 8K's troubled history, it could backfire.

The Sony A7R V currently sells for around $3,900 / £4,000 / AU$5,900, so we would expect a Nikon Z8 to sit around this price point as well as a premium product, borrowing a combination of high-end build and design seen on the Nikon Z7 II and Nikon Z9.

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