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Save over AU$1,000 on the Canon EOS R5 in this excellent cashback offer

Canon EOS R5 deal
(Image credit: Canon)

You'll not get any arguments from us if you told us the Canon EOS R5 was a powerhouse. It brought Canon out of the innovation slump the camera maker had fallen into when it launched its first full-framer mirrorless camera in 2018. 

Since its launch in 2020, the EOS R5 has been the talk of the proverbial photography town, all because of its excellent autofocus performance and speed. All this hype is warranted though: it was the first consumer mirrorless camera to offer 8K video recording (with its controversial issues of course), it can spew out stills at a top of 20fps, and its 45MP sensor can outperform most of the best mirrorless cameras on the market. Then let's not forget it's in-body image stabilisation mechanism, that offers up to 8 stops of compensation for camera shake when paired with some RF lenses.

All those pro-level features don't come cheap though. At full price, the Canon EOS R5 retails for AU$6,499 body-only in Australia. While some retailers offer it for a touch less than that, has outdone them all by slashing the asking price to just AU$5,714 for the body alone. 

There's more to be saved though, if you take advantage of Canon's cashback offer – this will get you back an additional AU$250 from the camera maker itself. So your final price ends up being AU$5,464 – more than AU$1,000 off on the actual RRP of the mirrorless marvel.