5 ways to shoot landscapes you probably never thought to try

Learn how to use natural light in your landscape photography

When you think about classic landscape photography, you probably envision towering mountains or quiet, serene seascapes. But what do you do when these locations are unavailable… or maybe you simply want to shoot something different?

In his latest tutorial expert Mark Hamblin suggests five simple ways you can shoot landscapes to come away with something creative and different.

5 ways to shoot landscapes you probably never thought to try

All images by Mark Hamblin

Creative landscape photography ideas: 01 Shoot local landscapes

There are a lot of very good reasons for shooting your local patch so rather than spending a fortune traveling make the most of what’s on your doorstep.

We all need to take a break from the photographic ‘norm’ now and again and there’s nothing wrong with that but does it reward you with the great images you were hoping for?

Photo trips away from home are a great way to re-charge the creative batteries and gain some invaluable experiences but in photographic terms you are very much playing a game of chance.

Without local knowledge and subject to adverse weather you may come home empty-handed.

But by concentrating on your local area you stand a much better chance of being in the right place at the right time and therefore capitalising on great conditions.

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Top tip
A lot of photography is about having an intimate knowledge of the landscapes you want to photograph.

This is much easier done locally than further afield because you’ll have a better insight into things like when flowers and trees are in bloom, the angle of the sun through the year and best time of day to visit.

Creative landscape photography ideas: 01 Shoot local landscapes
Creative landscape photography ideas: 02 Do your pictures tell a story?
Creative landscape photography ideas: 03 Use side-lighting to add depth
Creative landscape photography ideas: 04 Take a chance on the weather
Creative landscape photography ideas: 05 Exclude the sky


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