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Best laptop stands in 2021: Prop up your laptop with these helpful lap desks

Best laptop stands in 2021: Prop up your laptop with these helpful lap desks
(Image credit: Michael Soledad on Unsplash)

In need of one of the best laptop stands? If you're looking to create an ergonomic setup that will make your working from homes setup as back-friendly as possible, check out our selection of the best laptop stands here.

It's more important than ever to make sure that your home-working set-up is as effective as possible. While a laptop is super portable and compact, hunching over a small screen isn't particularly ergonomic. 

If you're finding that your neck and back are feeling the strain – or you simply want to keep your desk looking tidy – you might want to consider investing in one of the best laptop stands from our list. These handy pieces of equipment not only bring your laptop screen up to eye-level (which is regarded by health & safety experts as an important part of keeping your office working environment safe), but they can also bring a stylish twist to your home office. 

Another excellent reason for purchasing a laptop stand is that laptops work best when there is enough room for air to circulate and prevent any potential overheating. If you have an older laptop where this is more of an issue, then you can even get laptop stands that have built-in fans powered by USB connectors. 

The best laptop stands

(Image credit: Rain Design)

1. Rain Design mStand

Sleek, stylish and endlessly practical

Very stylish
No cooling vents

Raise your laptop to the same ergonomic height as an external display with the Rain Design mStand. This patented design is made from a single solid piece of aluminum, stylishly matching the MacBook Pro's sand-blasted and silver anodized finish to add an extra elegant touch to your workspace. 

However, despite the fact that the Rain Design mStand is designed for the Apple MacBook and MacBook Pro, it's actually suitable for all laptops. There's an outlet at the back that you can feed all of your cables through, which will help keep your desk nice and tidy. 

So far, the Rain Design mStand has over 3,000 5 star reviews on Amazon US, which is a great indication of how well this modern and stylish laptop stand works. 

(Image credit: Twelve South)

2. Twelve South HiRise for MacBook

Give your MacBook a little extra lift

Height adjustable
Plenty of space for laptop to keep cool
No 'lip' to prevent laptop from sliding off

The Twelve South HiRise laptop stand is another stylish option, but this one is slightly more adjustable than our number one choice. This laptop stand is also made out of brushed aluminum, although it lacks a lip at the front to help secure your laptop from falling off. However, the rubber non-slip base should be enough to keep your laptop still. 

One of the best aspects of this laptop stand is the rear piston, which can easily adjust the height of your laptop up to six inches for improved ergonomics. The v-shaped design also keeps your laptop's base exposed, allowing for improved airflow and cooling. 

laptop stands

(Image credit: Steklo)

03. Steklo Ergonomic Foldable X-Stand

Always on the move? This portable laptop stand is perfect for you

Lightweight design
Folds down
Not particularly stylish

If you work from the office and from home a similar amount, then you might find yourself wishing for a laptop stand that's compact and portable. This X-stand from Steklo is a great affordable option for users who want the perfect balance between ergonomic working and the ability to transport it between workplaces. 

While there's no fans, there's plenty of open space beneath where the laptop rests to help keep the laptop cool.  Meanwhile, the rubber feet provides a stable base to ensure your laptop isn't slipping around your desk. 

Weighing just 18 grams and folding up neatly and compactly, this Steklo laptop stand is portable enough that it can be easily slotted into a laptop bag. 

(Image credit: Trust)

4. Trust Azul Laptop Cooling Stand with Dual Fans

Tired of your laptop whirring like crazy? Try this stand

In-built USB-powered fans
Futuristic blue glow
Not adjustable

If your laptop is getting on a bit, or it's feeling overtaxed from all those tabs you're refusing to close, then the less-than-soothing sound of your laptop's whirring might be a familiar companion. Help keep your laptop cool with the Trust Azul laptop stand with built-in USB-powered fans. 

The blue-lit fans give this laptop stand a futuristic, industrial feel, while the integrated cable storage helps to keep your desk tidy. 

laptop stands

(Image credit: Twelve South)

05. Twelve South BookArc Stand

A vertical laptop stand is perfect for keeping your desk space tidy

Stylish design
Fits different size laptops
Interchangeable inserts sold separately

This laptop stand doesn't quite fulfill the same function as others on this guide, as it doesn't hold your laptop higher off your desk to enable ergonomic working. However, what it does do is give you a handy space to slot your laptop when you're not using it. If you find yourself needing plenty of workspace on your desk and you never know where to put your laptop, this might just be the answer you've been searching for. 

This vertical laptop stand from Twelve South has been specially designed for MacBooks and will keep your laptop neatly out of the way when it's not being used. Alternatively, if you have one of the best monitors or the best keyboards, it's also a great way to keep your closed laptop stowed away when working. 

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