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Best face masks ever! Put a selfie on your face with these custom photo face masks

Best face masks ever! Put a selfie on your face with these custom photo face masks
(Image credit: MyTPrintCo)

With more and more places insist that you wear a face mask when you are out and about, we all now have to decide which is the best face mask to wear? Plain white - or something more designer made out of colorful material? We have increasingly been drawn to customized photo face masks - that allow you to cover your face with a picture of your face! 

The results can look amazing... It makes you look a bit more human, and you can choose the expression that you use for these custom printed designs. So you can be pulling a face - or always wearing a huge smile!

We first saw these custom made photo face masks appearing in India - made by corner print shops that had a suitable dye sublimation printer capable of printing your photograph onto fabric. But now a number of people offering this service online via the hand-crafting website Etsy.

Typically you buy the design that you like, and upload the high resolution image of your face to the store via the Etsy message facility. Your mask is then mailed out to you often within a day or two. 

Of course, Etsy can not make any medical claims about the efficacy of these masks. But many come with a built-in pouch that allows you to add a filter into the design for extra protection.

An interesting additional benefit of these masks, we are told, is that they can actually be used to unlock phones that use facial recognition! You have to save your face-masked face as a new user in the smartphone's security options - but it will mean being able to get into your handset without the need to resorting to old-fashioned PIN codes.

Below are some of the best face masks like this that we have found so far…

Other designer face masks

Where to buy face masks in the US:

  • – artistic face masks for as a little at $4
  • Vistaprint – Adults and kids RNS face masks from $13
  • Disney – Cloth masks featuring best-loved characters for $19.99
  • Stringking – CDC-recommended, USA-made cloth masks for just $6.99
  • Caraa Cares – bundle deals, including five face masks for just $25
  • Los Angeles Apparel - three adjustable face masks for only $30
  • Sock Cares – fun and funky face masks for only $12

Where to buy face masks in the UK:

  • – artistan face masks from just £3.99
  • ASOS – stylish designs at very low prices 
  • My Memory - protective supplies at sensible prices
  • Easylife – Standard CE approved surgical face masks, 30 for £29.99
  • Buff – stylish face coverings at low prices
  • – washable face masks at a bargain price
  • HYPE –  three face masks for £24.99 with profits to the NHS
  • Silkies – two protective masks for $16.99

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