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The best infrared thermometers in 2021

Best infrared thermometer
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The best infrared thermometers allow you to take a temperature without touching the object, or person, in question. Now, when disease is prevalent and hygiene crucial, there are obvious advantages – you can quickly test a whole group of people without constant cleaning. It’s a lot less personal and invasive than  traditional approaches to taking a temperature.

The benefits of an infrared thermometer are not just limited to the medical context. A non-contact thermometer (or pyrometer) can easily measure a huge range of temperatures; ones you certainty don’t want to touch, from industrial freezers, though cooking pots, kilns, or running engines. 

Moreover, by avoiding contact, you eliminate influencing the measurement (no heat exchange) or transferring dirt and germs if, for example, you were testing food before serving. But do note that thermometers designed for industrial use have a much, much wider temperature measurement range - so are not suitable for medical use, where accuracy is critical.

An infrared thermometer works  a bit like a single-pixel infrared camera, measuring infrared radiation from an object. Like cameras, there are a variety of features and prices, suited to different applications (if you want more pixels, check out our guide to the best thermal imaging cameras.)

We've split our guide up into to sections, looking at the best infrared thermometers for measuring body temperature first, before moving onto more specialists industrial non-contact thermometers.

Best infrared thermometers for medical use

(Image credit: iHealth)

1. iHealth PT-3 Forehead Thermometer

Best infrared thermometer for simplicity

Time to reading: 1 sec | Accurate Range: 15℃-42.9℃ (59℉-104℉) | Accuracy margin: +/- 0.4˚C (0.3˚C in medical range) | Distance: 3cm/1-inch max

Ambient sensors boost accuracy
Easy to use
Elegant design
Need to get quite close to the person

An elegant and popular choice, with a single button for a read out. Directed at the centre of the forehead from about 2cm (just under an inch), you can get an accurate reading and – unlike many more industrial designs – without a disturbing confirmation beep which, in practice, just annoys (or wakes) your kids. In a market swamped with just-good-enough packaging, it’s nice to find a quality document reminding you how best to use this kind of thermometer – specifically to measure the centre of the forehead, just above the nose, when dry. Sweat, even from a good cry, alters the texture of the skin which affects the measurement. The system algorithmically combines data from 100 readings plus a distance measure and an ambient temperature thermometer – all of which boosts confidence in the reading. Powered by 2xAAA batteries (included).

(Image credit: iHealth)

2. iHealth PT-2L Non-Contact Thermometer

Best infrared thermometer for simplicity

Time to reading: 1 sec | Accurate Range: 15℃-42.9℃ (59℉-104℉) | Accuracy margin: +/- 0.4˚C (0.3˚C in medical range) | Distance: 3cm/1-inch max

Ambient sensors boost accuracy
Easy to use
Elegant design
Need to get quite close to the person

While the PT3 undoubtedly claims the points for styling with its subtle digital display, it is often one you’ll find yourself parting with a few extra dollars for. If iHealth’s technology (including the handy option of a silent mode) appeals but you want to get the best possible value then look at the very similar PT-2L model. The principle difference is that the readout appears in blue-white on a black LCD display, which some users might even find clearer to read. The same over 100 readings are taken and averaged automatically before a result is delivered in a little over a second. If you’re not sure what counts as a fever, just check for a smiling or sad face below the temperature. Having only one button means that pressing and holding it enters Farenheight/Celsius switching mode, which may surprise some users, but is at least simple. Batteries included. 

(Image credit: Withings)

3. Withings Thermo

Best smart thermometer with app support

Time to reading: 0.5 sec | Accurate Range: 35.5-42˚C (95.9-107.6˚F) | Accuracy margin: +/- 0.2˚C (Medical) | Distance: 1cm (0.4in)

Brilliant software
Swipe-to-touch display
You need to get close to the subject

A Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connected smart thermometer, the Withings Thermo doesn't just take accurate readings from the arteries in the forehead, it records them too. Ideal, of course, for children who don’t enjoy oral, in-ear, underarm, or rectal measurements. The 20 x 5 pixel LED display looks futuristic, and it doesn’t just show the read out – swipe up to select the family member. Encouragingly this product has actually proven itself for a few years and, encouragingly, the app is still current (despite Nokia’s dubious management of Withings). There is a memory on-board for up to 32 readings, which can be transferred to an Android or iOS device (and, thanks to the wi-fi, distance is less of an issue than with Bluetooth-only devices). Oddly the app is limited to 8 profiles, but that’s enough for most families, and the real advantage of this system is the ability to record measurements to pass on to health professionals. Americans might also be pleased to know they can offset the high cost via FSA health plans without prescription.

(Image credit: Comper)

4. Comper Smart Forehead Thermometer

Great medical thermometer for families

Time to reading: 1 sec | Accurate Range: 35.5-42˚C (95.9-107.6˚F) | Accuracy margin: +/- 0.4˚F, +/- 0.2˚C (Medical) | Distance: 1-2cm (0.4-1in)

Links up with smartphone via app 
One-button operation
Android app has some user complaints
No object mode

Very similar in concept and design to the Withings Thermo, but this successful Kickstarter product claims it can support limitless profiles, but the app tops out at eight. Where that’s enough, it does present the data well, and can take offline readings later via bluetooth.  You can use this as a contact thermometer on the forehead, or can take a temperature from within an inch if you want to avoid touching your patient (though there seems to be up to a degree’s variance in the result). Powered by a pair of AAA batteries, the Comper claims a standby time of just over two years – or enough power for 600 measurements. At just 5 inches long, it is pretty portable too. It is worth noting, however, that the app asks you to share your phone number with developers, which seems somewhat unnecessary, 

(Image credit: Extech)

5. Extech IR200 non-contact forehead thermometer

Best non-contact thermometer for schools & offices

Time to reading: 0.5 sec | Accurate Range: 2.0 to 42.5°C (89.6-108.5˚F) | Accuracy margin: +/- 0.5˚F, +/- 0.3˚C (Medical) | Distance: 5 to 15cm (1.9-Inch to 5.9-Inch)

Simple, pistol-type control
Fast readings
Measures from up to 15cm away from subject
32-reading memory
Bulky for the home user

This is a great infrared thermometer for measuring the temperature of groups of people - such as students or colleagues. The pistol-like design means that it is easy to use - and with a measuring range of up to 5.9in away, five times that on most pistol-grip thermometers, there is greatly reduced risk of actually touching the person's forehead or transmitting infections. It has big button controls, and a simple-to-read display - and promises accurate readings in just 0.5 seconds. Extech is a subsidiary of FLIR - which is the biggest name in thermal imaging - which should give some reassurance as to the quality of this product. 

(Image credit: Braun)

6. Braun Thermoscan 7

Best in-ear infrared thermometer

Time to reading: 1 sec | Accurate Range: 35.5 - 42˚C (95.9 - 107.6˚F) | Accuracy margin: +/- 0.15˚C (Medical) | Distance: 3cm/1-inch max

Accurate readings
Easy-to-use fever warning 
Disposable probe guards need  replacing

While a forehead thermometer seems to embody the true ‘contactless’ dream of IR thermometers, there is much to be said for the in-ear measuring technique. This still uses IR measuring technology, but by pressing the probe into the ear using a disposable plastic guard you can push the accuracy to +/- 0.15˚C. There are 21 probe guards in the box, and 50 compatible ones cost about the same as a large latte (or rather more if you want Braun own-brand ones). 

This thermometer also uses Braun’s “Age Precision” technology to remind you what is a ‘safe’ temperature – tap the button to cycle through ‘0-3 months’ ‘3-36 months’ and ‘over 36 months’ and, when you take a reading, you’ll get a color-coded backlight (green for OK, yellow for ‘elevated’ or ‘red’ for high. It might sound silly, but especially with young kids it’s helpful to be reminded of when to worry and when not to! 

(Image credit: Gekka)

7. Infrared Wall-Mounted Forehead Thermometer

Best infrared thermometer for small businesses & schools

Time to reading: 0.5 sec | Accurate Range: -32 to 43˚C (-89.6 to 109.4˚F) | Accuracy margin: +/- 0.2˚C | Distance: 5-10cm (2-4in)

Great for small offices, shops and food outlets
Better range than a handheld
Big display
Not designed for portability
Optional 18650 battery not included

For cafes, stores and offices preparing to accept staff and visitors during heightened Covid-19 restrictions or a full lockdown, a wall-mounted digital thermometer is an ideal solution, meaning all can be directed to take their own temperature with a polite sign, rather than be forced to queue for a team member with a handheld ‘gun’. While normal temperatures are met with a green light, there is a ‘fever alarm’ with beep beep sound and red light, which might seem a little unsubtle, depending on the ambiance, but otherwise operation is relatively painless – it can be connected to a USB-C lead to power it, and this will also provide enough charge for up to a week depending. Wall mounting is as simple as hanging on a nail or hook, though you might wish to take a little more care to prevent theft. The only real downside is choosing the right hanging height, especially if some of your visitors are children.

Best infrared thermometers for industrial use

(Image credit: BTMeter)

8. BTMeter BT-1500

Best infrared thermometer for high temperatures

Time to reading: 0.25 sec | Accurate Range: -50˚C to 1500˚C (-56˚F to 2,738˚F) | Accuracy margin: +/- 2% | Distance spot ratio: 30:1

Great for industrial applications
Huge temperature range
Accurate at distance
Not suitable for body temperature readings

The wide temperature range of this thermometer gun makes it suitable for an almost immeasurable number of applications, from checking the surface temperature of a pizza in the oven through automotive to HVAC (though not accurate enough for use on humans). The dual laser beams help target the right spot and the fact the narrow 30:1 beam means you can get a reading at a safe distance even in a furness or kiln. All customers will be happy to find a case and battery included. Professionals will also appreciate the Emissivity adjustment; the reflective properties of different materials affect IR thermometers, but experienced pros will find the ‘E’ toggle easy to use, as well as appreciating the ability to set max and minimum warnings. The LCD is adequate, too, though contrast could be better. 

(Image credit: AstroAI)

9. AstroAI 550

Simple, cheap but effective pistol-grip ABS IR thermometer

Time to reading: 0.5 sec | Accurate Range: -50 to 550˚C (-58 to 1022˚F) | Accuracy margin: +/- 2˚C(+/- 2%) | Distance spot ratio: 12:1

Accessibly priced
Useful tool for mechanics and engineers
Laser pointer
Not suitable for body temperature readings

Ideal for use in electrical troubleshooting, HVAC, automotive and cooking and baking, this is a handy IR thermometer which still boasts some of the features of pricier rivals. You can take a continuous reading by holding the ‘trigger,’ or release to lock the result on screen, and the IR pointer will always make it easy to see where you’re getting your reading from. The Emissivity is fixed at 0.95, and of course the accuracy is certainly not medical grade, but as long as you work with that understanding you’ll still be able to, for example, check the surface temperature to cook the perfect steak, or locate problems areas with your home’s insulation that, once fixed, could save you more than the price of entry in heating bills! The 9V battery is given a good life thanks to the 7-second auto shutdown.

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