Syrp launches the Genie Micro: a smart camera remote with some killer features

Syrp Genie Micro
(Image credit: Syrp)

Syrp has built a solid reputation in recent years for its innovative, high quality camera motion control equipment, like the amazing Genie programmable motion time-lapse controller. Its latest product - fittingly titled the Genie Micro - is Syrp's smallest product to date: a universal smart camera remote (opens in new tab) for DSLR (opens in new tab) and mirrorless (opens in new tab) cameras.

(Image credit: Syrp)
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This 5cm-diameter disk simply clips into your camera's hot shoe and can link via a simple 2.5mm Syrp Link for basic remote shutter triggering, or there's a USB-C port that enables more advanced control. This includes remotely setting ISO, aperture and shutter speed, as well as programming advanced time-lapse sequences with exposure ramping. This last feature allows you to shoot what's become know as a 'holy grail' time-lapse, timed to take place at sunrise or sunset, where the exposure automatically adjusts to the changing light levels.

Integrated Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity enable a wireless range up to 10 metres, and the remote is controlled via Syrp's slick mobile app for iOS and Android smart devices. The Camera Control feature in the app is also compatible with Syrp’s other motion control devices, like the Genie Mini II, Genie II Linear, and Genie II Pan Tilt. The internal rechargeable Li-ion battery has a quoted battery life of 7 hours for video or time-lapse use.

(Image credit: Syrp)
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Currently the Genie Micro is guaranteed compatible with most modern Canon and Nikon, including popular models like the Canon EOS 5D IV (opens in new tab), 6D II (opens in new tab), EOS R (opens in new tab) and EOS R5 (opens in new tab). The Most Nikon Z-mount cameras are also certified compatible, along with the D750 (opens in new tab), D780 (opens in new tab), D800 and D850 (opens in new tab). Sony camera (opens in new tab) compatibility is said to be coming in a future app update.

The Genie Micro is available now, priced at $159.99/£139.48

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