The best Sony camera in 2024 for vlogging, filmmaking and photography

The range of best Sony cameras just keeps getting bigger as Sony expands its camera offerings to more types of photographers, from high-end professional photography and video production to travel photographers, content creators, and vloggers, there is a Sony camera for everyone.

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Gareth Bevan

Gareth is the Reviews Editor at Digital Camera World, and the person in charge of testing and reviewing all the latest Sony cameras. With several years of experience as a photographer and videographer, and having had hands-on time with all these Sony cameras he is best placed to decipher Sony's sometimes confusing lineup to pick the best cameras for different users.

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FeaturesPushing 'entry level' full frame to the limit Sony has thrown a lot into this camera including a higher resolution and big video specs★★★★★
DesignWeather-sealed and well laid out camera body is easy to use, the menus can be a little complicated though★★★★★
PerformanceExcellent all rounder, with fantastic photo and video quality, although noise and IBIS lags behind other brands★★★★
ValueLooses the enthusiast pricing of the previous version, but still manages to undercut many of its closest rivals★★★★
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FeaturesIt might be the 'resolution specialist' but this camera has everything with 8K video, 10fps, and AI-powered autofocus★★★★★
DesignUsual great Sony body design, the vari-angle pivot screen and extra custom function buttons are great additions ★★★★★
PerformanceStills, video, sports, it does it all The downsides are 61MP files are very big to work with, and its headline 8K video is cropped.★★★★★
ValueAll this power does not come cheap, and the A7RV is priced right up in the dedicated pro bracket★★★★
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FeaturesGlobal shutter with 120fps stills and 1/80,000 sec shutter speeds, although some will complain about the relatively small 24.1MP sensor★★★★★
DesignA deep grip and custom function buttons will satisfy pros, although many will wish the vertical grip was built in ★★★★
PerformanceMind blowing speed makes this the best sports camera ever for the very top pros, although is overkill for anyone else★★★★★
ValueBe prepared to pay for that global shutter, as this very pricey camera is considerably more than Canon or Nikon's best★★★★
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FeaturesThe latest Sony AI-AF, IBIS, and oversampled video are squeezed into Sony's best compact and travelable APS-C camera★★★★★
DesignWhile it plays well with small APS-C lenses, the small body is hard to use with bigger Sony optics★★★★
PerformanceImage and video quality is excellent, with autofocus and IS taking a big jump from prior models. and the smaller sensor crop benefits distance shooting ★★★★★
ValueA lot of camera tech for fantastic value, although other brands have equally compelling options★★★★★
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FeaturesIt might be an older model, but still has the mod-cons like eye detection, IBIS, and 4K video★★★★★
DesignFantastic hybrid handling, small enough to travel yet big enough for pro work. Menus are a bit of a nightmare★★★★★
PerformanceNewer Sony cameras do things much better, but the A7 III has great 4K vids, and 24MP is still respectable★★★★★
ValueA perfect way to get into full frame photography with a lot of killer features for incredible value★★★★★
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Features4K video, AI AF-tracking and built-in stereo audio make this a video powerhouse, but its 12MP stills take a hit★★★★
DesignThe small body works great with gimbals and rigs, but it's not the easiest to use handheld with big lenses★★★★
PerformanceExcellent video chops, the audio and AI-AF are both stand outs. Image quality is good, but very limited by the megapixel count★★★★
ValueMore affordable than Sony's Alpha or FX range, but more rounded hybrid cameras can be had more the same price★★★★
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FeaturesSony's simplest camera with a focus on 4k video and built-in stereo audio★★★★
DesignA compact camera designed to slip into a pocket, the build is nice, if a little cheap feeling★★★★
PerformanceVideo and audio quality are good, and most importantly, just slightly better than an iPhone★★★★
ValueA fair price to pay for a dedicated content creation camera★★★★
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FeaturesAn APS-C sensor pairs with Sony's huge range of lens choices, backed up with an in-built stereo mic and 4K video★★★★
DesignSmall and compact design is great for vlogging, so long as your don't pair it with too big lenses★★★★
PerformanceVideo performance is great, but lack of IBIS and older autofocus lets it down★★★★
ValueVery reasonably priced, although good value, does reveal the cameras limitations★★★★
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FeaturesA bigger 33MP sensor, oversampled 4K video, IBIS and the latest AI autofocus makes this a compact powerhouse★★★★★
DesignVery compact, but the full-frame sensor is begging to be used with big lenses which is an ergonomically poor experience★★★
PerformanceExcellent performance in photo and video, Sony's autofocus is the star of the show★★★★★
ValuePriced below the rest of the A7 range, this is Sony's latest tech at the best value★★★★★