Hahnel Captur Timer Kit review: remote shooting opens up a whole world of creative potential

Need to trigger your camera from afar? Hahnel’s Captur Timer Kit could be the solution for you!

Hahnel Captur Timer Kit
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Digital Camera World Verdict

Hahnel's Captur Timer Kit is a formidable shutter release cable in its own right, currently costing £89 it gives Canon's own-brand TC-80N3 Remote Controller (£130) a run for its money. It also has the bonus feature of being able to fire your camera remotely up to 100m. If you’re looking for a way to fire off exposures reliably at distances of up to 100mm and have found your camera's built-in WiFi or Bluetooth to be too unreliable for your needs then the Captur Timer Kit is a brilliant option to consider.


  • +

    Good value

  • +

    Single, continuous, bulb modes

  • +

    Doubles up as a plug-in shutter release

  • +

    Long 100mm range

  • +

    Interval timer


  • -

    Doesn’t display battery life

  • -

    No auto standby mode

  • -

    Can’t see results instantly like you would with an app

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There are certain situations when you’ll need to fire your camera remotely in order to get the perfect shot. The most obvious scenario that springs to mind would be setting up your camera in an area you’re expecting a wild animal to pass through, and then needing to remove yourself by some distance so that you don’t scare it off. Though this is by no means the only use-case for its remote shooting capabilities.

Hahnel Captur Timer Kit: Specifications

Range: 100m
Modes: Single, continuous, bulb
Programmable interval timer: Yes
Frequency: 2.4GHz
Available for: Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm, Olympus/Panasonic


The Canon TC-80N3 is is an official shutter release “remote controller” from Canon designed to fit only cameras with its 3-pin connection. It also doesn’t have the wireless functionality of the Hahnel Captur and is more expensive at £129. Though as a wired shutter release cable it comes fully loaded with useful modes including an intervalometer, remote timer and an illuminated LCD.


The Canon BR-E1 remote controller works with Bluetooth-compatible Canon EOS cameras and allows you to trigger your Canon camera from up to 5m away. While it doesn’t have the 100m range of the Hahnel Captur kit, it is suitable for short distances making it great for shooting selfies and group shots without touching the camera. It’s also useful for videographers and hybrid shoots as it can be used to start and stop video recording.

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