One trigger to rule them all? Lumionix launches a Kickstarter for its powerful Komet trigger

Lumionix Komet trigger
(Image credit: Lumionix)

The Komet trigger from Lumionix is a new smart camera trigger that packs a ton of features, negating the need for multiple that all have different functions.

Camera and flash triggers typically enable you to perform one job or another, but  the Komet also provides several other features. Mounted on the camera hot shoe and offering USB support, the Komet trigger delivers control for time-lapses, bracketing, off-camera flash and more, all via its easy and intuitive touchscreen and accompanying mobile app.

High-speed photography is one area where the Komet offers a lot of helpful features. The ability to capture subjects in an instant is helped by advanced sensor technology that triggers the shutter at the most opportune moment

The sensitive sensor enables you to adjust the threshold limit, making sure you don't miss the perfect moment. Advanced light and sound sensors can trigger the shutter as the action happens; whether it's the flash of a lightning strike or a water splash, the trigger will catch it.

(Image credit: Lumionix)

A lot of development has gone into the Komet's time-lapse features, due to it being Lumionix's favorite genre of photography. Designed for both advanced and beginner users, the company states that, "you can master everything from the basics to complex holy grail time-lapse". 

Komet supports ramp exposure, enabling the user to make fine adjustments to fit the scene by adding key points throughout the time-lapse, by ramping the Bulb, aperture, ISO and shutter speed. The inclusion of shutter lag, HDR, intervalometer, motion control and distance lapse are all extra features that can be employed, offering a time-lapse experience in all situations.

(Image credit: Lumionix)

AI seems to be integrated into every newly developed product these days, and this is no exception with Lumionix's new beta AI-suggestion. Here it powers a tool that provides you with a suggestion of what your settings should be, in order to capture your perfect shot. 

Ideal for new photographers, or experienced photographers new to landscape or time-lapse, the AI-suggestion gives you a selection of photos similar to your scene, along with the EXIF data. This will then enable you to adjust your settings to get the results you want.

(Image credit: Lumionix)

Other features of note include no-limit HDR bracketing, an in-built ND filter calculator, a smartphone app enabling full control of essential camera settings from a distance, an additional flash receiver, and gallery and photo review. This is a trigger that is truly jam-packed!

A function that I think deserves a special mention is the file manager. If you have ever had an issue with a memory card, through either loss or corruption, you will know the importance of backing up your images as quickly as possible.

Sometimes that isn't easy – you don't really want to be getting out and uploading images on a laptop while halfway through shooting a wedding, for example. The Komet has a built-in card reader that facilitates direct transfer from the card to a portable hard drive, allowing for backup and organization on the move!

(Image credit: Lumionix)

The Kickstarter is now live and has already reached its goal. Don't let that stop you, however, as there are usually some great backer rewards and early bird deals.

Editor's note: As with all crowdfunding projects, there is no guarantee that the final product will match the early depictions in the campaign – or that the final product will be completed or delivered at all. DCW does not endorse this or any other crowdfunding campaign. 

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