If you want to be a social media influencer, I'd grab these Black Friday bargains

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If you fancy getting into the world of social media influencing, you'll need a bit more than just a camera phone if you want to make really professional-looking content – and with so many Black Friday camera deals to be had, now is a good time to invest!

Whether you want to be an influencer in the world of beauty, cooking, fitness, lifestyle or something entirely different, a decent basic set-up would require a ring light, a mini tripod or selfie stick with tripod feet, a microphone, a smartphone gimbal and, if you can stretch to it, a camera for vlogging – specifically designed with content creation in mind. 

If you already have one of the latest smartphones such as the iPhone 15 Pro or the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, you will be able to get away without investing in a camera, as they are capable of recording really crisp, high-quality video. But the benefits of getting a dedicated vlogging camera are the flip-out screen (so you can see yourself when recording), a dedicated mic-port, even better quality video and a much bigger sensor so it works better in low light. 

Something like the fixed lens Sony ZV-1F would be perfect for someone who doesn't want to spend any extra on lenses but is looking to up their content creation game. It shoots in 4K, has a 20.1-megapixel 1-inch sensor, and can send photos and video straight to your phone thanks to WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. 

1: Camera

Sony ZV-1F | was $499.99 | now $398
Save $100 at Amazon

Sony ZV-1F | was $499.99 | now $398
Save $100 at Amazon
 Sony's latest compact camera is designed with vloggers in mind, and has a fixed super-wide 20mm lens to help get you in the picture. It shoots 4K and has a 20MP 1-inch sensor.

2: Lights

Can't quite stretch to a camera yet? You can still start your content creation journey  on a budget, so long as you can create videos that are well-lit!

Ring lights are perfect for social media influencers - not only are they much cheaper than some other video lights, but they also create beautiful circular-shaped catch lights in your eyes, which work especially well with beauty influencers. 

Sensyne 10-inch RGB ring lightwas $49.99now $29.98
Save $20 at Amazon

Sensyne 10-inch RGB ring light | was $49.99 | now $29.98
Save $20 at Amazon
on a 10-inch ring light with a 50-inch extendable tripod stand, remote control, adjustable brightness, a vari angle-head and a built-in phone mount - perfect for content creators. 

3: Tripod

With your lightning sorted, it's time to think about a tripod to hold your camera (or smartphone as most come with a phone adapter). A tabletop tripod should be sufficient depending on what type of stuff you want to shoot, but this flexible tripod from Joby will allow you to shoot in loads of different places. Secure it by wrapping the legs around around a bar, or bend the legs to make sure it's really sturdy. 

Joby GorillaPod 1K kitwas $59.95now $31.97
Save $27 at Amazon

Joby GorillaPod 1K kit| was $59.95 | now $31.97
Save $27 at Amazon
on a flexible, tabletop tripod with legs you can wrap around anything. With a payload of up to 1kg it's perfect for vlogging cameras and you can even attach lights to it with module adapters. 

4: Microphone

The final thing to think about is sound quality - it makes such a big difference to the overall quality of your video, so investing in a decent microphone is very important. There are lots of different types – but to start with, a shotgun mic you can place in front of you or attach to the camera's hotshoe will be perfect. It will help minimize the sound of the wind when you shoot outdoors, and make your voice crisp and clear. 

Movo VXR10 video mic |was $49.99now $31.96
Save $17 at Amazon

Movo VXR10 video mic | was $49.99 | now $31.96
Save $17 at Amazon
 when you buy a Movo shotgun mic from Amazon. You can use it with your blogging camera or smartphone, it comes with a deadcat windscreen and has a shock mount to minimize handling noise. 

With these amazing Black Friday deals, so long as you already have a decent camera or smartphone you can get started for under $100 - we think that's something worth shouting about!

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Hannah Rooke
Staff Writer

Having studied Journalism and Public Relations at the University of the West of England Hannah developed a love for photography through a module on photojournalism. She specializes in Portrait, Fashion and lifestyle photography but has more recently branched out in the world of stylized product photography. For the last 3 years Hannah has worked at Wex Photo Video as a Senior Sales Assistant using her experience and knowledge of cameras to help people buy the equipment that is right for them. With 5 years experience working with studio lighting, Hannah has run many successful workshops teaching people how to use different lighting setups.