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22 of the best Christmas gifts for photographers in 2021

christmas gifts for photographers listing image
(Image credit: Getty)

Photography is a big tent with many different areas, so finding a gift for the photographer in your life – or even yourself – can be challenging. 

Fortunately, we’re here to help and recommend keeping it simple. Rather than seek out something too specialised, look instead for top-quality versions of the essential items that every dedicated photographer should have in their kit bag.

And don’t worry about which camera your loved one or yourself uses. The fantastic gifts we’ve sourced below will work for pretty much every brand in the market. 

So here are 18 fabulous photography gifts guaranteed to bring a big grin to the face of any photography obsessive on Christmas morning… 

1. Gitzo Century leather sling strap

Gitzo Century leather sling strap image

(Image credit: Gitzo)

Price: £109.95 

Now here’s a real treat for the premium DSLR or mirrorless camera user in your life… made from genuine Italian leather and featuring premium-grade detailing, the Gitzo Century has a cross-the-body design to ensure comfort and ease of use in the field. It is fitted with the new Gitzo GS5370SDR quick release plate and there’s a secure G-lock buckle closing system. 

2. Luminar AI photo editing software

Skylum Luminar AI

Price: £59/$79 

Designed for photographers who’d rather spend time behind their camera rather than in front of their computer screen, Luminar AI from Skylum harnesses artificial intelligence to make hitherto complicated editing routines achievable in just a few mouse clicks. From adding interest to dull skies to improving flat weather conditions in otherwise promising scenic shots, Luminar AI will do all the heavy lifting for you. The software works as a standalone application, or as an Adobe plug-in.

3. Tenba BYOB 10 camera insert

Tenba BYOB 10 camera insert image

(Image credit: © Tenba)

While some camera bags come with a removable insert that can be placed in a non-camera bag, many don’t. Tenba’s BYOB (bring your own bag) range has been designed to meet this need, so photographers can carry a camera ‘day bag’ of photography essentials discreetly within another bag or piece of luggage. BYOB 10 measures 27 x 20 x 11cm externally (10.5 x 8 x 4.5 in) so it’s good for a DSLR or mirrorless with 2-4 lenses – and other sizes are available. Made from water-repellant 300D polyester, and available in blue or black, a pair of mesh side pockets will accept a tabletop tripod or water bottle, and a shoulder strap is included.

4. Field Made lens cap and camera stickers

sony lens sticker

(Image credit: Field Made)

From: £4.83/$6.44 

Bring some order to your life with these stylish lens and camera body indicators from Canadian brand Field Made. When rummaging around their camera bags, most photographers think they know which piece of kit is which, but a handy visual indicator to tell primes, zooms and different camera bodies apart wouldn’t go amiss. Field Made offers a range of sticker packs, covering many popular models including the Canon EOS R5, Fujifilm X-T3, Nikon Z50 or the Sony A7 III, plus a wide line-up of Sigma lenses. Why use unsightly tape to label your gear, when you can deploy an elegant solution like this? Individual stickers cost just £4.83/$6.44, with packs of 22 stickers from £18.12/$24.16.

5. COOPH Rope Camera Strap  

Christmas subs listicle 2021 cooph straps

(Image credit: COOPH)

Price: £45/$50 

This new collection of straps designed by the Cooperative of Photography in Germany is designed to fit all brands of camera. Super-lightweight and strong, yet also sturdy, these handcrafted straps certainly look the part and launched in a choice of eye-catching colours – Silver Grey, Army Green, Aqua and Aubergine – with more to follow. Photographers don’t all use the same camera, says COOPH, so what better way of expressing their individuality than through their choice of strap colour? The Rope strap attaches to the camera body via keyring-style loops, and an integrated protective leather flap is sewn on to both ends of the strap to ensure that your camera won’t get accidentally scratched while you’re out shooting in the field. 

6. Digital Camera magazine subscription

DCam 249 Facebook bundle image v2

(Image credit: Future)

Price: £25/from $58.50 for 12 issues

Digital Camera is the world’s favourite digital photography magazine. Aiming to help photographers of all skill levels to improve their images, every issue is packed with the latest news, reviews, tutorials, expert buying advice, tips and inspiring images. 

Each month, Digital Camera also comes with a selection of free gifts, including a cover-mount disc featuring video lessons, photo technique tips cards, and much more. 

Subscribe to Digital Camera today with our incredible Black Friday deal – save 50% on the cover price and never miss an issue! 

Digital Camera Magazine

Digital Camera Magazine is the definitive guide to digital photography. Every issue comes packed with expert advice, in-depth tutorials, free gifts and inspirational images. Digital Camera’s sole aim is helping you to become a better photographer.

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7. 3-Legged Thing Ellie 

3 Legged Thing Ellie L-bracket

(Image credit: 3 Legged Thing)

Price: £51/$52 

L-brackets allow you to change your shooting orientation from horizontal to vertical in a jiffy. Crafted from two pieces of aluminium, the eye-catching Ellie will snugly fit the shape of your camera, thanks to hex keys that can be loosened to slide the base plate along rails. Well-designed, Ellie’s customizability will allow clear access to most camera sockets, and the edges of the slide plate edges are contoured, to enable flip-out screens to be easily accessed.

8. Smart Screen cleaning cloth

Christmas subs listicle 2021 smart screen image

(Image credit: Smart Screen)

Price: £14.95 (Gold Edition); £9.95 (standard) 

This antibacterial cleaning cloth comes complete with its own travel pouch and is designed for use with smartphones, camera lenses, spectacles and other products including gaming consoles and car infotainment screens. Easier to handle than many other cleaning cloths due to its heavier weight, Smart Screen has been specifically designed to meet our heightened awareness of cleanliness, with the addition of a silver ion antibacterial liquid treatment during the weave process; this ensures that the antibacterial properties last for up to 15 washes. The standard Smart Screen (RRP: £9.95) is available in six different colours, but the Gold Edition (pictured) is designed to appeal to a more fashion-focused buyer. 

9. Joby Podzilla 

Xmas subs 2021 DCam listicle image

(Image credit: JOBY)

Price: £36.95/$39.99 (Podzilla Medium Kit); £45.95/$49.99 (Podzilla Large Kit)

Two models form this new range of entry-level flexible tripods: Podzilla Medium (max load: 1kg) and Podzilla Large (max load: 2.5kg). Designed  to be tough, strong and durable, each leg is fully articulated; to change the angle of the ball head, simply press in a button on the side. Buying the Podzilla Medium Kit option adds a GripTight 360 Phone Mount, which can be fully extended to accept a large smartphone. The Podzilla Large Kit additionally offers a quick-release plate, including a bubble level, for ease of use when attaching cameras. 

10. DxO Photolab 5

DxO PhotoLab 5

(Image credit: DxO)

Price: £129/$139 (PhotoLab 5 Essential); £199/$219 (PhotoLab 5 Elite) 

The latest version of DxO‘s flagship editing platform, PhotoLab 5 boasts a series of improvements, plus support for Fujifilm X-Trans cameras. (This is described as ‘beta’ support, to emphasise that it’s still in development: DxO is keen to get feedback on it from members of the Fujifilm community.) The headline features of PhotoLab 5 include the DeepPrime denoising process working four times faster on an Apple M1 silicon Mac and 1.5 times faster on the “best” Windows architecture. Local adjustments are improved with the addition of a new Control Lines adjustment, to allow more sophisticated and controllable local masking. There are two flavours of PhotoLab 5: the more affordable Essential, as well as Elite, which adds more advanced features including DeepPrime noise reduction and ClearView contrast enhancement. 

11. Vanguard Veo  MT-12 Multi-Mount 

Vanguard Veo Mt-12 arm supporting multiple cameras

(Image credit: Vanguard)

Price: £119/$129

This clever accessory will fit onto any tripod with a 1/4in or 3/8in thread, and allows the user to add up to four accessories. Two can be mounted on the MT-12 using the supplied pair of MA-1 multi-mounts, and also via 3/8in threads on the end of the arm that convert to 1/4in threads. With a maximum load capacity of 10kg, the MT-12 can be used to support two cameras, a light panel and an external monitor. 

12. LensPen NLP-1


(Image credit: Lenspen)

Price: £11.99/$9.95/AU$13

The basic LensPen design has been around for many years and now comes in various sizes to suit lenses from large DSLR optics down to tiny phone camera hardware. We like the original design, the NLP-1 variant, which is suitable for larger lenses. Its standout feature is its 12mm diameter tip. This has a slightly concave surface to follow the curvature of your lens’s front element, and is coated in carbon to enable it to remove grease and fingerprints without resorting to a liquid cleaner. Amazingly, the system works. Lenses with lots of fingerprints will require around 10 seconds of wiping with the carbon tip to achieve a perfect finish, but more typically marked optics come up gleaming in moments. 

13. BlackRapid Breathe Binocular Strap

Blackrapid curve breathe

(Image credit: Blackrapid)

Price: £28/$27/AU$65

While it’s billed as a strap for binoculars, this neck strap will attach to a camera equally easily. Its unique feature is a breathable, stretchy and very flexible neck pad. It also folds small and can be detached quickly. Its price might be a little high for some, but you do get an impressive amount of engineering for your money here. Plus, black never goes out of fashion. 

14. SanDisk 32GB Extreme Pro 300MB/s UHS-II SDXC

(Image credit: Sandisk)

Price: £54.99/$44.99 /AU$129

Memory cards aren’t the most exciting of camera accessories, but if you want to get the best out of your device, they are essential. Not only does this 32GB SanDisk card provide enough capacity for over 4,000 22MP JPEGs (enough room for keeping you shooting all day without changing cards), but with shot speeds of up to 260MB/s, and transfer speeds up to 300MB/s, it’s easily fast enough to cope with 4K video recording and fast continuous stills shooting too. Put this SD card into your camera, and make card buffering a thing of the past. 

15. Hahnel ProCube II

Hahnel ProCube II image

(Image credit: Hahnel)

Price: £69.99/$79.90/AU$114

Never be left without power again. Hahnel’s ProCube II is able to quickly and simultaneously charge a pair of batteries (individual models are dedicated to Canon, Fujifilm, Olympus, Panasonic and Sony batteries) or four rechargeable AAs in only 90 minutes, with their current power level clearly indicated on its LCD display. ProCube II also has an output for a USB-charged device like a smartphone or compact camera, and comes complete with adaptors for UK, European and US plugs, making it an all-in-one charging solution. With a 12V car lead included, you can even recharge your equipment en route to locations, something that could save the day if you forget that vital charging session the night before a big shoot. 

16. WD Elements SE 2TB SSD

WD Elements SE SSD image

(Image credit: Western Digital)

Price: £89.99/$93/AU$345

For backups when you’re working in the field, you need a compact, reliable and efficient storage solution. Look no further than the WD Elements SE portable hard drive. Available in a 2TB capacity, it will suit many different kinds of photographer, from low-volume landscape shooters to a burst mode fanatic out capturing action, wildlife or location portraits. With a form factor that will easily fit in a camera bag (L x W: 11 x 8cm or 4.3 x 3.2in) and read speeds of up to 400MB/s when using the supplied USB 3.0 cable, the WD Elements SE will make the perfect Christmas gift. 

17. Manfrotto Ezybox Speed-Lite 2

Manfrotto Ezybox Speed-Lite 2

(Image credit: Lastolite)

Price: £59/$93/AU$195

The Ezybox Speed-Lite 2 has the power to dramatically improve the lighting in your images. A compact softbox that can be attached directly onto your flashgun on or off camera, it softens the previously harsh direct light of the flash for a much more flattering illumination. Compatible with a variety of flashguns, the Ezybox Speed-Lite 2 attaches firmly with a silicone strap and a tensioning dial straight to its head. With an inner and outer diffuser, which can be combined or used independently of each other, the intensity of its effect can be customized. 

18. Lee Filters Big Stopper

(Image credit: Lee Filters)

Price: £99.99/$151/AU$249

If there’s one landscape photography look that’s been on-trend in the last few years, it’s those streaky skies and ethereal misty water shots produced by ten-stop ND filters. Placed in front of the lens, these filters restrict the light that reaches the sensor, forcing the use of much longer exposure times than would normally be required. One of the most popular filters of this type is the Lee Filters Big Stopper, a pro-standard glass filter available in a range of sizes for use with the company’s various filter systems. Lee Filters even provides a free mobile app to calculate the exposure times required when using a Big Stopper and other filters provided by the brand. 

19. Digital Photographer magazine subscription

(Image credit: Future)

Price: £2.95 per issue

Digital Photographer is the magazine for photographers looking to elevate their careers, or boost their income from professional photography. Every issue features practical guides and tutorials to help you get the most from your images – whatever camera or system you shoot on. 

The magazine is a great source of expert advice and tips from leading pro photographers, who share their insights in every issue, plus the go-to place for reviews of the latest cameras, lenses and accessories. 

Make sure you never miss a copy – subscribe today and get the magazine delivered to your door! 

Digital Photographer magazine

Digital Photographer magazine is the monthly kitbag essential for pro and enthusiast photographers. Be challenged and inspired to get the best results from your gear.  

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20. Peak Design Cuff Camera Wrist Strap

Peak Design Cuff camera wrist strap image

(Image credit: Peak Design)

Price: £26.95/$29.95/AU$45

An elegant and unobtrusive way to protect your camera from drops, the Cuff is a stylish wrist strap available in a range of different colour options. Cords rated to hold up to 90kg are fitted through a camera’s strap eyelets, before then being clipped securely into the Cuff’s unique Anchor Lock housing. The magnetic wrist loop of the strap is then threaded over the hand, where it can then either be fixed in the open position, or comfortably cinched down for added security. For those with compact cameras, it’s an ideal way to protect and carry your setup without adding bulk. 

21. Manfrotto Pixi Evo mini tripod

Christmas subs 2021 listicle PIXI EVO image

(Image credit: © Manfrotto)

Price: £55.95/$53.98/AU$115

Manfrotto’s Pixi mini tripods have been around for several years now, but this Evo version steps things up – literally – thanks to its extendable two-section legs. These can lock into six different extension points using an ergonomic push-button release on each leg. At full stretch there’s some flex when you mount a heavier DSLR, but Manfrotto’s 2.5kg load rating is reasonable. Keep the legs retracted to their shortest setting and the Evo feels much more stout, though this reduces the shooting height from 19cm to 15.5cm. Alternatively, if you want to sink lower, the legs have a secondary angle setting selected using a simple but effective switch on the side of the ball head. This lets the head down to around 10cm off the deck. The ball head itself is of a usefully large size for a mini tripod and it clamps securely. It can also tilt through 90-degrees into portrait orientation, and a convenient wheel locks the ¼”-20 thread to your camera, so you don’t need to rotate the whole tripod.

22. Spudz microfibre cleaning cloth


(Image credit: Spudz)

Price: £6.99/$8.99

A microfibre cloth that tucks away inside a neoprene sleeve, Spudz cloths are tried and tested and come in an array of different colours. As the 10 x 10in cloth never detaches from the sleeve, this product is a true all-in-one solution for keeping your lenses and LCD screens free of dust or streaks. Simply attach the Spudz to your camera with the clip on the sleeve and you'll never have to reach very far for a cloth to clean your glass or screen. And as different and fun sleeve finishes are available, you'll easily be able to match one to the personality of the photographer in your life. 

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