10 things all landscape photographers should know about their craft

Black and white landscape photography: step 01 See in black and white

A good landscape photograph doesn’t just capture what you saw when you took the shot. It brings back a whole host memories and the emotions that you felt when you first saw the scene.

It might sound a tall order, but achieving that isn’t as hard as you might think, just take a look at these 10 points to fin out more.

How to take long exposure shots of the sea

Black and white landscape photography: how to make moody minimalist effects

Timing is key to shooting great seascapes. You need to be there at the right time of day, but just as important is the timing of the exposure. For a raging, stormy sea, a fast shutter speed can be appropriate, but with calmer waters, the best approach is to take it slow. Very slow. In this tutorial we’ll show you how to take control of your camera to take long exposure pictures of the sea you can be proud of.

Best camera settings for moving landscapes (free photography cheat sheet)

Best camera settings for moving landscapes (free cheat sheet)

When you first start out in landscape photography, observing a few of the classic conventions can really make a difference to the kind of results you get. Just knowing how to adjust aperture so you get maximum depth of field in an image is a big help, as is understanding some of the classic theories… Continue reading