Best backup software: 11 free downloads that can protect your images

Best backup software: 01 AOMEI Backupper

We round up the best backup software options for photographers with free download links each of these programs.

As photographers, we’re pretty precious about our files. Whether a software bug or hardware failure strikes, losing all of our images can be devastating. That’s why it’s crucial to back up your data on a regular basis.

It’s not the most exciting task in the world, but it could save heartache in the long run, and with some of these fantastic free programs available, it could be easier than you think.

Have a look at these programs that will help you copy the contents of your folders to another drive, clone an entire drive or create a backup of your entire computer system.

Best backup software: 01 AOMEI Backupper

Best backup software: 01 AOMEI Backupper

If simplicity is your thing, then the AOMEI BackUpper could be for you. It has a simple to use interface, simply choose the drive or partition you want to back up and AOMEI will do the rest for you.

There are also options to encrypt or compress your backups – useful if you want to password protect or save space. On top of that, you can restore individual files and folders, and there are disk and partition cloning tools, too.

On the downside, you can’t schedule backups, so you’ll have to remember to run them manually. Otherwise, it’s an excellent tool with lots of great features.

Click here to download AOMEI Backupper

Best backup software: 02 EaseUS Todo Backup Free

Best backup software: 02 EaseUS Todo Backup Free

As with a lot of free software tools, you can only use EaseUS for personal (non-commercial) work, and as such it has a few limitations. However, for most people there’s plenty to like here.

With the ability to run both file and image based backups, you can run them manually or on a schedule. You can also choose to fully backup your data, or just parts of it.

There’s also the option to limit write speeds to reduce the impact any backup has on the overall speed of your device. You can recover individual files and folders from the program’s recovery disk, too. You’ll also find tools which will allow you to wipe or clone drives.

Looking at the negatives, you can’t encrypt data and there’s no differential backup.

Click here to download EaseUS Todo Backup

Best backup software: 03 Redo Backup and Recovery

Best backup software: 03 Redo Backup and Recovery

This piece of software is a little different. You don’t install the program to your computer, but instead download a large file which can be burned to a CD or copied to a USB drive.

Then, you’ll need to boot from it to launch the tool which can backup your drives, and restore them later, even if Windows is unable to start.

You’ll also get an undelete tool, and a web browser – useful if you need to look up PC problems when the computer won’t load properly.

It’s not the most convenient program on the list, and you can’t schedule backups. But, it is easy to use, and if you want something that you don’t need to install on your system, it’s a good option.

Click here to download Redo Backup and Recovery

Best backup software: 04 Cobian Backup

Best backup software: 04 Cobian Backup

Lots of different tools make this a great piece of software. You can perform, full, incremental or differential backups with encryption and compression applied if you wish. There’s a scheduler, and all aspects of the program can be configured to how you want to use them.

If you’re new to backing up your data, you might find this software a little overwhelming, but for those with a little experience, or who are willing to get to know it a little better, the rewards are good.

Click here to download Cobian Backup

Best backup software: 05 Macrium Reflect Free

Best backup software: 05 Macrium Reflect Free

This is one of the most popular free backup software tools on the market. Here you’ll find a basic, but reliable, set of functions to back up your images.

You won’t find incremental or differential backup here, and, you don’t get password protection or encryption. However this does make creating a backup very easy – it’s a simple three step process.

There’s also a scheduler, and you can restore entire drives very easily.

Click here to download Macrium Reflect


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