Lightroom Mobile: 11 answers to 11 burning questions

Lightroom Mobile: 11 answers to 11 burning questions

Lightroom Mobile is Adobe’s latest iPad app for photographers and brings the popular photo editing software‘s non-destructive processing and Smart Preview technology beyond the confines of the desktop.

Lightroom Mobile: 11 answers to 11 burning questions

Among the key benefits of Lightroom Mobile are

  • Sync mobile edits, metadata and collection changes back to the Lightroom catalog on a Mac or Windows computer
  • Automatically import images captured on an iPad and sync back to a Lightroom catalog on the desktop
    Work on images, even when your iPad is offline
  • Sync photos between Lightroom 5 and Lightroom mobile; synced photos can also be viewed from any Web browser

Great, you’re probably thinking, but what about some of the practical questions – like what’s the Lightroom Mobile price tag? How big are the file sizes? In their latest guest post our friends at the blog Life After Photoshop answer all your burning questions.

Now you can use Lightroom on your iPad! Adobe’s new Lightroom Mobile product is a three-way partnership between Lightroom, Creative Cloud and the Lightroom app on your smart device.

Adobe has made an official announcement (see the links at the bottom of this post), but it has also presented the product in a press briefing where journalists were able to ask some key questions:

01 What is Lightroom Mobile?

It’s a new combination of smart device software and cloud-based sharing which enables you to view and edit images in your Lightroom library on your mobile device.

02 How much will the Lightroom Mobile app cost?

Nothing. It’s going to be a free download. But you will need a qualifying Adobe Creative Cloud account.

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03 How does Lightroom Mobile work?

Images are synchronised over the Internet using Adobe Creative Cloud.

04 Aren’t the files too big?

No, because it uses Smart Previews, which are heavily-compressed, downsized DNG versions of the original image. Adobe says a 30MB RAW file will typically shrink down to a 1MB lossy DNG.

05 Does Lightroom Mobile synchronise your whole catalog?

No. Lightroom Mobile will only synchronise Collections, not Folders. And you manually choose the Collections to sync – it doesn’t sync them all.

06 Can Lightroom Mobile edit original images on your smart device?

Lightroom adjustments use processing instructions rather than changing the actual pixels in the image. These instructions can be applied to the smaller Smart Previews stored by Lightroom Mobile then transferred via Creative Cloud to be applied to the full-resolution originals on your computer. You only get the tools in Lightroom’s Basic panel, but you can apply presets.

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07 Can you edit offline?

Yes, there’s no need for a live Internet connection. Your changes will be synchronised when a connection becomes available.

08 Can you also capture images with your iPad?

Lightroom Mobile offers no extra tethering/import options for the iPad, but you can add images from the Camera Roll to a Collection for synchronisation.

09 Does it need a new version of Lightroom too?

Yes, Lightroom Mobile requires a new Creative Cloud version of Lightroom, v5.4. The current version is v5.3.

10 Does this mean Lightroom is now subscription only?

No. You need the Creative Cloud version for Lightroom Mobile, but you’ll also be able to get Lightroom 5.4 with a perpetual license. It will have all the other version updates except for the Lightroom Mobile capability.

11 Is Lightroom mobile iPad only? (Bonus question)

At the moment. Adobe says an iPhone version is on the way, but there’s no news yet for Android owners.


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