How to break out of your photography rut: 6 quick fixes for creative photographers

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We all lose our photographic mojo once in a while or maybe find that we are effectively taking the same images over and over again. In their latest guest blog post, our friends at the photo management blog Photoventure compiled 6 tried and tested techniques to help you break out of this photographic rut and start taking more creative images.

Ideas for creative photography

1. Ideas for Creative Photographers: Bin the zoom

Zoom lenses make it very easy to change composition without moving or really exploring your subject.

They also cloud your vision because there’s a tendency to fiddle about with the focal length as soon as you spot a potential subject rather than really look at it.

So our first tip to reinvigorate your photography is to swap the zoom lens that you usually use for a fixed focal length optic.

Suddenly you’ll be forced to move around your subject until you find the right vantage point and perhaps a totally new angle or subject.


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