How to photograph anything: best camera settings for perfect portrait photography

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    Best camera settings for portraits of moving subjects

    Best camera settings for portraits of moving subjects

    To freeze slow moving subjects, set the shutter speed to 1/250sec, while for fast moving subjects, such as people running, use a faster shutter speed such as 1/1000sec.

    If you are shooting in bright conditions set the ISO to 400, but in darker conditions use higher settings such as 800 or above.

    You’ll also need to set your camera to Servo or continuous autofocus mode, and the active focus point is positioned over the subject.

    Focus mode   Servo or Continuous
    With a moving subject, you need to set the autofocus mode to Servo or Continuous. This allows the camera to adjust the focus all of the time that you half-press the shutter release.

    Exposure mode   Shutter priority (Tv or S)
    Select Shutter Priority mode, then use the input dial to select a speed of 1/250sec or faster to freeze movement. In low light you may need to increase the ISO setting.

    Shutter speed   1/250sec

    Aperture   Set by camera

    ISO   400 or higher

    Lens   50mm to 200mm

    Drive mode   Continuous

    White balance   Auto


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