Landscape photo ideas for creative pictures of mountains and hills

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    As our Shoot Like A Pro series on landscape photo ideas continues, this week we take a look at how to take creative pictures of mountains and hills. We’ll give you our best photography tips for emphasising the grandeur of mountain ranges and how to use hills as the perfect backdrop for creative landscape photos.

    Shoot like a pro: landscape photo ideas for creative pictures of mountains and hills

    From sweeping mountain ranges to jagged cliffs, mountains are full of photogenic scenery. Here are four ways to give your mountain shots more impact and individuality.

    Use a telephoto lens
    Faced with a beautiful landscape, chances are you’ll instantly reach for a wide-angle lens, or set your standard zoom to its widest setting, to capture as much of the view as possible.

    Look closer though, and you’ll find there are loads of amazing details that only the magnification of a telephoto lens can capture.

    PAGE 1: Use a telephoto lens
    PAGE 2: Shoot at half-light
    PAGE 3: Use man-made features
    PAGE 4: Shoot a composite image
    PAGE 5: How to combine photos in Photoshop Elements


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