Wildlife photography in any environment: free photography cheat sheet

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    Wildlife photography requires patience, persistence and skill. Photographing wildlife is inherently difficult, arguably far more so than a posed portrait or landscape image, and there will be times when you come back from a shoot with nothing to show for your efforts, despite following the best photography tips around.

    But wildlife photography isn’t impossible, and the rewards for your patience when working with such unwilling subjects are powerful images that give an insight into rarely seen moments of their natural life.

    Knowing your subject and its behaviour is key – but so is knowing its environment.

    Whether you’re shooting on safari in Africa or your nearby park, knowing how the local wildlife act within their environment is key to anticipating their movements and coming away with great pictures.

    In our latest photography cheat sheet we’ve put together handy flowcharts to take you through shooting four of the most common environments in which you’ll shoot wildlife photography: wildlife parks, wild mammals up close in their habitat, wild birds in sunlight and shade, and garden wildlife.

    To see the expanded version of our photography cheat sheet, simply click on the infographic below. Or you can drag and drop it to your desktop.

    Wildlife photography in any environment: free photography cheat sheet


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