The Landscape Photographers’ Guide to Shooting Anywhere: free cheat sheet

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    Landscape photographers are a patient bunch. Up at dawn, cold and uncomfortable, they’re willing to put up with any challenge to get the shot they want.

    But while some challenges like the weather are beyond landscape photographers’ control, others are more malleable. Learning how to master the subtleties of each type of landscape you shoot will put you in better position to nail a killer shot every time.

    In our latest photography cheat sheet we’ve chosen four of the most popular, yet challenging, landscape settings and created a guide for landscape photographers everywhere that explains how best to shoot them.

    Our Landscape Photographers’ Guide presents four handy flowcharts illustrating how to get great shots at the coast, in woodlands, on mountain tops and in rural areas where it is often difficult for landscape photographers to add foreground interest to compositions.

    These aren’t just any old landscape photography tips. Each flowchart in our Landscape Photographers’ Guide offers advice specific to each landscape.

    For easy reading, click on the image below to expand our Landscape Photographers’ Guide, or simply drag and drop the file to your desktop.

    And don’t forget to post any pictures you take using these tips to our Facebook wall. We’d love to see how you get on!

    The Landscape Photographers' Guide to Shooting Anywhere: free photography cheat sheet


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