Free wildlife photography cheat sheet

    | Photography Tips | Wildlife | 25/06/2012 04:00am

    Do you need some positive reinforcement with your wildlife photography? It can be one of the more frustrating genres you’ll attempt to photograph.

    Subjects aren’t often there, let alone staying in one place for your camera. And they’re often at their most active at really inconvenient times of the day!

    To help you along we’ve put together this handy wildlife photography cheat sheet with some great tips on how to shoot some of the more popular subjects in wildlife photography, such as seasonal animals like deer, insects and bugs, birds in motion and underwater creatures.

    We’ll also discuss some of the key techniques you’ll need to know, such as focusing and composition, as well as essential gear.

    Simply drag and drop the infographic below to save the larger version of this wildlife photography cheat sheet to your desktop.

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    Free wildlife photography cheat sheet: tips on composing, exposing and how to shoot some of the more popular subjects


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