Nikon D4: tougher than your average bear

Nikon D4 survives bear attack

Nikon D4 survives bear attackImage copyright Andrew Kane

In what might be a better testament to its durability than any scientific review, a Nikon D4 has been stamped on by a bear and lived to shoot again.

Lensrentals reports on its blog that photographer Andrew Kane hired a Nikon D4 from the firm to take on a shoot in Yellowstone National Park (want to shoot Yellowstone? Check out this list of 73 photo locations you must shoot before you die).

Kane told Lensrentals: “I recently rented a D4, Wimberly head, and 600VR from you, and the day before yesterday, I had a little bit of an accident. I was photographing a coyote here in Yellowstone and I followed it into the woods about 300yds away from the road.

“As I am taking pictures of the coyote, I heard twigs breaking behind me, and as I turned around I saw it was a grizzly bear. I
picked up the tripod with the D4 and 600 on it and slowly started to back away.”

Kane says the bear kept getting closer and was within 20 yards of him when he became trapped by a brush pile and was forced to leave his tripod with the Nikon D4 mounted.

However, rather than flee like any sane person, Kane got some distance between himself and the bear and stopped to photograph the action with his back-up camera.

The curious bear knocked over the camera and tripod (if bears are knocking over your own tripod, check out these 4 tips for sharper shots when using a tripod) and proceeded to jump up and down on the Nikon D4.

Amazingly, the camera survived. “The D4 functions properly, but the lens mount is bent and the images are back focused severely,” Kane said.

Lensrentals reports it sent replacement equipment to Kane.


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