Nikon Z50 gets eye-detect AF for video in latest firmware update

Nikon Z50
(Image credit: Nikon)

Nikon has just released firmware version 2.40 for the Z50. This update includes eye-detection AF for video, improved eye-detection for Auto-area AF, and improved refresh rate for focus points in live view when shooting with subject tracking or eye-detection AF. 

Released in October 2019, the Nikon Z50 was the company’s first Z-mount APS-C mirrorless camera. With a competitive retail price it was one of the best-value cameras on the market, and one of the best cameras for beginners

With a 20.9MP sensor, up to 11fps continuous shooting speeds, 4K 24p video, a 180° flipping screen and a compact, lightweight design, the Z50 was already an impressive camera before the latest update. It’s perfect for anything from vlogging to travel photography, street photography or even wildlife – and these latest updates will make it even easier to use. 

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Nikon is well known for keeping its cameras up to date and its customers happy with impressive updates. It recently released firmware for the 6-year-old Nikon D850 that added the Portrait Impression Balance function found on the Nikon Z6 II and Nikon Z7 II – all of which is a great sign for those investing in a Nikon system.

If Nikon can achieve so much from a simple firmware update, it leaves you wondering why other brands can’t do the same. Recently Sony users have become frustrated by the company’s outdated firmware strategy, when some of its flagship cameras such as the Sony A1 or Sony FX3 are not benefitting from more advanced features found in cheaper cameras such as the Sony FX30

We had a few grumbles with the release of the Nikon Z9, when it was advertised with an array of features that would only become available at a later date via firmware, but truthfully we can’t complain about Nikon’s overall approach to firmware updates. No longer are they just about fixing bugs; firmware updates can almost entirely change a camera. 

The v2.40 Z50 firmware can be downloaded here.

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