6 years on, the Nikon D850 gets a firmware update

Nikon D850 gets a firmware update
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It's 6 years after the release of the Nikon D850, and Nikon is still updating its firmware. In its most recent release, version 1.30, Nikon added several features that bring this much-loved DSLR a little more up to date. 

Many people still think of the Nikon D850 (opens in new tab) as one of the best Nikon cameras (opens in new tab) – and indeed, one of the best DSLRs (opens in new tab) ever made. With its high-resolution 46MP back-illuminated sensor, lightning-fast autofocus and incredible image quality even in super-low light conditions, it’s easy to understand why so many people want to see a mirrorless version of it. 

However, the latest firmware update has added Portrait Impression Balance as found in the Nikon Z6 II (opens in new tab) and Nikon Z7 II (opens in new tab), and also enables users to correct skin colors in-camera using hue and brightness. 

It can be found in the camera menu settings menu under Picture Control: Portraits. Users are able to create more accurate skin tones, and presets can be saved in Modes 1, 2 and 3. Portrait Impression Balance won't be available if images have been shot in black-and-white or using creative picture control. It also won’t work in videos when N-Log or HDR (HLG) is selected as the output option. 

This latest v1.30 firmware has also fixed an issue whereupon "Disable Network connection in the Bluetooth menu" was sometimes caused by attempts to initiate mirror lock-up for cleaning purposes in the setup menu. 

This isn’t the first time that Nikon has surprised us by updating the firmware in an old camera; in June 2022, the company released a firmware update for the five-year-old Nikon D7500 (opens in new tab). So, while Nikon may be slowly turning its focus to mirrorless cameras and lenses, DSLRs haven’t been forgotten about completely – which is amazing news for anyone who still prefers the handling, build and operation of these much-loved cameras. 

The v1.30 D850 firmware can be downloaded here (opens in new tab).

See our guide to how to add the latest Nikon firmware update to your camera (opens in new tab)

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