Nikon cleverly reveals the Z8 with launch announcement

Nikon Z8 teaser announcement
(Image credit: Future)

Nikon has launched its official teaser campaign for its next upcoming camera – the Nikon Z8, and for anyone who still wasn't completely convinced by the weeks of leaks and speculation, the teaser graphic has finally gone and confirmed it.

Nikon has launched a countdown website for its online launch event, which looks like just any standard launch holding page with a nice graphic and countdown timer ticking away – unless you look very closely that is. 

In the main graphic on the page, if you look to the question mark on the right of the text, then follow this down to the bottom, behind all those increasingly faint question marks, you should be able to glimpse a very faint 8 hiding in the back.

Spot anything unusual? You can see the 8 hidden at the back of the graphic. (Image credit: Future)

Hats off to Nikon, this is a really clever and playful marketing stunt, it is a fun way to confirm something about the camera that everyone already knew anyway, and ahead of the event, it has got us all talking about the Nikon Z8. Hopefully, the camera is as clever and surprising as its promotion.

The Nikon Z8 looks set to go toe-to-toe with the Canon EOS R5 for the ultimate camera for a wide range of professional applications and has been described as a 'mini Z9' by sources who have had experience with the Z8, which sounds like an accurate description if its leaked spec list is to be believed.

The launch event will be held online and be live-streamed on YouTube, so anybody is free to watch the announcement, you can find the video below. We will also be live blogging the launch closer to the event, so you can follow along with us and get our first take on the new camera.

Find out more about the latest news and speculation in our Nikon rumors hub. Or for the best of Nikon, check out our guides to the best Nikon camera and the best Nikon lenses.

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Gareth Bevan
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