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Is a Canon RF 35mm L series lens in sight?

(Image credit: Canon)

With rumors of a new Canon RF 35mm L series lens circulating for some time, it seems we can now expect an announcement from Canon before the end of the year – something many Canon RF system users will feel is not a moment too soon.

With Covid-19 issues still plaguing lens manufacturing, development of a RF 35mm f/1.2 lens has been delayed, but with patents now showing different optical formulas for a lens we know is on the RF roadmap, it seems increasingly likely an announcement is only months away.

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With L series f/1.2 versions of the Canon RF 50mm and Canon RF 85mm available early on in the RF system's development, the 35mm f/1.2L lens is still the one glaring omission in the L series range. According to Canon Rumors, however, an announcement looks likely to coincide with the release of the Canon EOS R3 later this year.

We should expect all the standout features of its L series stablemates, including a customizable Control ring (which can be used to adjust shutter speed, lens aperture, EV compensation and ISO settings), rugged build and weather sealing, fast and dependable autofocus, as well as images that are pin-sharp edge to edge and virtually fringing and distortion free.

The Canon RF lens roadmap features a wealth of lenses for amateur and professional photographers alike, from wide-angle 15-35mm f/2 pro zooms to 800mm f/11 budget mega-telephotos. And with the in-body image stabilization of the Canon EOS R5 and Canon EOS R6, they all benefit from super-stability on the latest bodies even if they don't incorporate in-lens image stabilization.

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